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25 Ghosts We're Most Excited to Catch in 'Ghostbusters World'

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Who wouldn’t want to be a Ghostbuster? It’s practically the dream of every kid who’s seen the original movies; it’s just too much fun to pass up. Luckily, the new AR game, Ghostbusters World, will let you become just that. If you’ve ever wanted to go out with friends and catch a few goofy ghosts in order to save the world, you can now do it through a cool new game on your phone.

Ghostbusters World will have a ton of crazy ghosts out on the street causing problems, so it’ll be up to you to catch them and keep your city safe. If you loved the original movies, you’ll love going out and finding classic ghosts; everything from Slimer to Zuul is here! While there are over a hundred different ghosts you’ll be able to capture as an official Ghostbuster, we’ve picked out 25 of the 150 unique ghosts you’ll be able to find on the street.

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    Remember the random, and eventually iconic, ghost that made the Ghostbusters franchise? Stay Puft, the marshmallow man, has been iconic for being the unintended summoning for Gozer's arrival in this dimension. Even though Gozer was defeated in the movies, we'll still be seeing Stay Puft causing terror throughout the streets! 

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    Have you ever heard of a ghost liberator? That's essentially what Samhain is; as a powerful entity, its main goal is to destroy any and all barriers between dimensions so that ghosts and demons can roam freely. Not much is known about Samhain, other than the fact that this may not even be his real name, but we do know that he's ben able to control lesser beings in the past. To release ghosts and ghouls could potentially give him an army, so it's important to capture him at all costs. 

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    Vinz Clortho

    You've probably seen this friendly pooch before if you watched the original Ghostbusters movies. One of the two terror dogs that serves Gozer, Vinz is a fully corporeal possessor that's capable of interdimensional travel. His job is to travel to any world that has summoned him and possess a male to become The Keymaster that will make way for his master's arrival. Even though his original body was destroyed in the movies, he can still manifest every now and again as an aggressive ghost. 

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    Are you ready to bring out the big guns? Yes, you can actually take on Gozer in this game! You may have thought that we'd banished it for good in the original movies, but Gozer is back with a vengeance - sort of. After it was banished, it lost a lot of its original power, meaning it no longer can cause the kind of destruction it once did. However, it can still manifest into a body of its own and cause damage, so don't let its weakened state fool you. 

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