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25 Ghosts We're Most Excited to Catch in 'Ghostbusters World'

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Who wouldn’t want to be a Ghostbuster? It’s practically the dream of every kid who’s seen the original movies; it’s just too much fun to pass up. Luckily, the new AR game, Ghostbusters World, will let you become just that. If you’ve ever wanted to go out with friends and catch a few goofy ghosts in order to save the world, you can now do it through a cool new game on your phone.

Ghostbusters World will have a ton of crazy ghosts out on the street causing problems, so it’ll be up to you to catch them and keep your city safe. If you loved the original movies, you’ll love going out and finding classic ghosts; everything from Slimer to Zuul is here! While there are over a hundred different ghosts you’ll be able to capture as an official Ghostbuster, we’ve picked out 25 of the 150 unique ghosts you’ll be able to find on the street.

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    Vinz Clortho

    You've probably seen this friendly pooch before if you watched the original Ghostbusters movies. One of the two terror dogs that serves Gozer, Vinz is a fully corporeal possessor that's capable of interdimensional travel. His job is to travel to any world that has summoned him and possess a male to become The Keymaster that will make way for his master's arrival. Even though his original body was destroyed in the movies, he can still manifest every now and again as an aggressive ghost. 

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    Scoleri Brothers, Tony

    Despite his skinny frame Tony Scoleri is extremely strong and was even one of his mother's enforcers for her criminal organization in life. He'd done everything from robbery to murder, but was eventually captured and put to death by electric chair. Manifesting because of negatively-charged slime, Tony appears as an electrified ghost that's just as much of a brute as he was when he was alive. 

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    Scoleri Brothers, Nunzio

    Nunzio, the brother of Tony Scoleri, was an enforcer for his mother's criminal organization and loved to use well thought out tactics to take down any tactics. Despite being the larger brother, he loved strategy and didn't seem to like getting his hands as dirty. He was convicted for multiple murders and seems to have died on the electric chair like his brother, Tony. He was brought back by negatively-charged mood slime and is back with his brother, causing mayhem in their afterlife. 

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    The Librarian

    You may recognize this friendly face from the original movies, although she may not have appeared so friendly then. The Librarian, otherwise known as Eleanor Twitty or the Grey Lady, was originally spotted in the New York Public Library. She's one of the ghosts that appears more human and, like any other librarian, she enjoys silence. If you provoke her in any way, she can definitely turn into an aggressive ghost with a much more monstrous form so be careful! 

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