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A Local News Crew May Have Captured Hard Evidence Of A Haunting

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It’s so rare to find ghosts caught on film. But a news crew seemingly captured footage of a haunting when they visited a Hanover, PA, home in July 2014. DeAnna Simpson and her family have been living a horrifying real-life haunted house story with no end in sight. She’s told paranormal investigators that she can either stay in the entity-filled house or sell the home at a huge loss. As you’ll quickly come to find out, everything about this haunting has a black cloud hanging over it.

When a news crew investigated the Simpson house, the last thing they thought they were going to end up with was real footage of ghosts. But within a few moments of filming, they had a series of creepy ghost recordings that seemingly provide remarkable proof of life after the grave.

  • The News Crew Was Scratched And Caught Footage Of Shadowy Figures

    Video: YouTube

    In the summer of 2014, Fox 43's Katie Kyros took her crew into DeAnna Simpson's Hanover home after hearing it would be featured on a ghost investigation TV show. They thought they would simply interview Simpson about the activity she had experienced - but then it started happening to them too.

    A few minutes into the interview, the crew's photojournalist, Nick Petrillo, felt his wrist burning. A visible scratch appeared out of nowhere. Later, when Simpson recorded footage of the home with her cell phone, a shadowy hand appeared.

  • The Experience Turned The Skeptical Crew Into Believers

    DeAnna Simpson believed the entities were targeting the news crew because they didn't want their story to be told to the world and were offering a warning. If that was the plan, it backfired - the frightening experience went viral and turned the reporters into believers.

    As cameraman Nick Petrillo said of the experience, "It kind of makes you go from being a skeptic to believing." Katy Kyros expressed that she is also less skeptical after visiting the house.

  • The Haunting Began As Soon As The Simpsons Moved In

    DeAnna Simpson, her husband, and their daughter moved into their home in Hanover, PA, in 2007. Even before they bought the house, Simpson had noticed small orbs popping up in her photographs of the interior. She assumed they were motes of dust. But then they settled into their new place - and the haunting began in earnest.

    Almost immediately, a "shadow man" began showing up in pictures. Then, the Simpsons began having terrible nightmares and heard strange footsteps moving through their home at night. Those were followed by the sounds of sobbing, laughing, and growling. The family even began feeling bites and scratches from invisible entities.

  • DeAnna Simpson Had Dreams About Mysterious Men

    DeAnna Simpson says she began having horrible nightmares shortly after moving into the home. The dreams were the most vivid when she slept in the attic she had converted into a bedroom:

    I would have dreams of these two men approaching me, trying to talk to me. It happened so many times. One night, I felt my hair touched, and when I opened my eyes there were the two men at the side of the bed. They looked at me with such hatred and such scorn, like they were saying, "Get out of my house. What the hell are you doing here?"

    After asking around about the men, Simpson made a chilling discovery. Apparently, she was dreaming about the previous owners of the house, who had passed on the property.