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A Local News Crew May Have Captured Hard Evidence Of A Haunting

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It’s so rare to find ghosts caught on film. But a news crew seemingly captured footage of a haunting when they visited a Hanover, PA, home in July 2014. DeAnna Simpson and her family have been living a horrifying real-life haunted house story with no end in sight. She’s told paranormal investigators that she can either stay in the entity-filled house or sell the home at a huge loss. As you’ll quickly come to find out, everything about this haunting has a black cloud hanging over it.

When a news crew investigated the Simpson house, the last thing they thought they were going to end up with was real footage of ghosts. But within a few moments of filming, they had a series of creepy ghost recordings that seemingly provide remarkable proof of life after the grave.

  • A Shadow Man Appeared In The Basement

    The Simpsons say they've seen an entity in the house, and they have the photos to prove it. Pictures from the basement show a nearly seven-foot-tall "shadow man" whom DeAnna Simpson says has physically held her down multiple times and smells "like trash." She told an interviewer, "When it came on me I couldn't breathe. I couldn't scream. I couldn't move." 

    Simpson claims she was scratched with the shape of the letter "M," and that attack was followed by a dream. In it, the shadow man stood at the foot of her bed and said, "My name is Mastema. Your Yahweh cannot help you now. I’ve been given the permission to roam the earth with 10 others."

  • Something Shoved DeAnna Simpson Down The Stairs

    According to DeAnna Simpson, the master bedroom is a particular hotbed of paranormal activity. She used to sleep there - until an invisible force shoved her down the stairs, fracturing her tailbone. 

    A terrified Simpson began sleeping in the spare bedroom downstairs. Thankfully, the activity became less aggressive. Now, she says she occasionally wakes up to the apparition of a woman stroking her hair.

  • A Black Mist Oozed Out From The Walls

    The Simpsons have also seen a black mist coming out of the wall and floating through the house. The swirling mist had a foul odor, and when it once vanished into the ceiling, it left a black mark that couldn't be painted over. 

    Tom Simpson told The Dead Files that he sometimes still smells the black mist, a noxious blend of "urine, fecal odors, and kerosene." The show's medium, Amy Allan, also mentioned smelling a stench while walking through the house.

  • The House Even Scared The 'Dead Files' Crew

    The Travel Channel show The Dead Files heard about the Simpson home and sent their crew to investigate. After listening to the Simpsons' stories and walking through the house, the experts ultimately concluded it was a hotbed of negative paranormal energy.

    Medium Amy Allan expressed feeling afraid of the presences in the home.