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17 Notorious Ghosts And Their Intensely Horrific Origin Stories

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While there is no shortage of ghost stories about spectral children or a wailing woman in white, this collection of ghosts with the scariest origin stories stands out as the creepiest of the bunch. What's more, these gruesome and macabre tales - especially the paranormal stories about children - are all the more frightening in that they are largely true.

It is said that ghosts are often created when a person's life ends in a state of extreme fear or pain - like ones from tales of plantation hauntings. If that's true, then it should come as no surprise that the events chronicled here led to hauntings. And while some iconic ghost tales are more interesting than terrifying, these are some of the scariest ghost stories you will ever come across.

  • The Sausage Ghost Of New Orleans Is Just That

    In the 1800s, an industrious young couple moved to New Orleans from Germany and started a sausage factory. Their sausage was delicious, but in time their relationship turned sour. The husband found himself a younger mistress, but they couldn't truly be together until his wife was out of the picture.

    One night, the man closed shop and walked to the back room, where his wife was making sausage. He crept up behind her and choked her with a cord. As to what to do with the body, it wasn't long until customers noticed a decrease in the quality of the sausage. One customer found a bit of a gold ring in their sausage and - realizing that the wife had been missing for weeks - notified the police.

    The police found the man huddled in the corner of the room, screaming at the sausage grinder. He claimed that his wife's ghost had emerged from the grinder, bloodied and mangled, and was coming to get her revenge. He spent the rest of his days in a madhouse, but even there he could not find respite from the specter. To this day there are reports of a strange woman haunting the Old Hans Mueller Residence, where the nefarious sausage incident took place all those years ago.

  • Young Christine Darby Returns From The Grave As A Black-Eyed Child

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    In 1967, now convicted child predator Raymond Morris targeted 7-year-old Christine Darby of Walsall, England. After assaulting her, Morris took her life and buried her in a ditch. Authorities later discovered her remains in Cannock Chase, which led to Morris's subsequent conviction. He was also believed to be connected with the disappearances of two more young girls whose bodies were found in the area.

    But that was not the end of Christine Darby. Since then, there have been reports of a black-eyed girl appearing in the Cannock Chase Countryside. It is believed that this spirit is the ghost of Christine, her eyes black from the blindfold she was wearing when her life was ended.

  • In San Antonio, A Bus Of Children Met A Chilling Fate

    Sometime in the 1930s, tragedy struck San Antonio. One day just like any other, a bus driver was taking his load of 10 children home. Unfortunately, on that day, his bus was having some difficulty. It stalled out - right on the tracks of a railroad crossing. Before the driver was able to get the bus started again, he saw a train approaching. The conductor slammed on the brakes, but it was too late: all 10 children and the driver were extinguished in the crash.

    Today, you can still go by this crossing near the San Juanita Mission. If you stop in front of the tracks and turn off your engine, a mysterious force will still push the car uphill and over the tracks to safety. If you spread some flour or baby powder on your bumper, you will notice something truly chilling: several sets of small handprints and one set of large ones.

  • The Walls Of Clifford's Tower Drip With Blood

    Photo: Darren Flinders / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    The year 1190 was a dark one in York, England. Antisemitism was rampant, and the local Jewish community found themselves deeply imperiled. Fearing for their lives, many of them barricaded themselves inside Clifford's Tower, which at the time was merely a wooden palisade.

    The authorities tried to retake the castle, but the scene turned into pure mob violence. Some of the Jews decided to end themselves rather than face the mob. Those that survived were overtaken by the crowd. These ghosts still make appearances at the castle on occasion. According to local lore, the very walls of the castle bleed red every year on the anniversary of the bloodshed.