16 Ghosts Who Are The Heroes, Not The Horrors, Of Their Narratives

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No matter how they died and what they get up to, there are just some ghosts you have to root for. Perhaps they are murder victims, or are the hard-searching parents of a dead child, or are witches killed in violent ways many years ago. Whatever the case, they're stuck in our world and could use a little cheering on.

Some good ghosts are nice and friendly, while others are angry and resentful. Regardless of their temperaments, something happened to ghosts when they died, and they are stuck in a sort of limbo, not belonging here but unable to move on. Occasionally, they hang around just to help solve their own murders, which is both helpful and admirable. In some cases, no one really knows how they died. 

The ghosts in this list are fighters. They've put up with a lot and deserve a little recognition and maybe a pat on the back. Go ahead – give them a little cheer.

  • A Ghostly Guardian Angel-Mother Watched Over Her Three-Year-Old Son When He Was Alone For Five Days
    Photo: StormLoverSwin93 | Into the Storm / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
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    A Ghostly Guardian Angel-Mother Watched Over Her Three-Year-Old Son When He Was Alone For Five Days

    The Story: In 1994, not far outside Sacramento, California, a woman was awoken from a dead sleep and was convinced she needed to immediately leave the home where she was staying, despite the dark hour. She roused her husband and jumped in her car, heading down state on Highway 50. At some point, she noticed something on the side of the road and pulled over. As Paranormal Witness later reported, she thought she could observe "a nude woman lying near the shoulder of the road. The woman was positioned on her side, bent legs together with an arm over her head. She was ghastly pale and looked dead." She made tracks for a phone booth and called authorities, but when the Sheriff's Deputy showed up, there was no nude woman or sign of her anywhere.

    Meanwhile, earlier that week, a young woman named Christene Skubish took her toddler-aged son and hit the road—they'd failed to communicate with their family, but when relatives reported two missing, investigators claimed they'd show up eventually. However, Christene's aunt began having multiple strange dreams, including one wherein she saw a woman's silhouette in the back of a car, with a boy in the front seat. Since she had a history of predictive dreams, she was worried about her visions and prompted investigators to search for her missing niece. 

    While searching the area around highway 50, eventually finding a child's shoe in the area where the nude woman had first been reported. When they turn their sights to the bottom of the embankment and searched the bottom of the cliff, they found not a nude woman but instead, a nude three-year-old boy alone yet alive in a wrecked automobile. The mother's body — Christene's — was fully dressed, but dead, and her son had survived without food or water for nearly a week.

    The boy later recalled "a glowing white light hovering" over the car along with a shadowy figure. Others declare the ghostly nude woman must have been the ghost of his mother drawing attention to the place where the crash occurred, ensuring her son would be found alive. “I absolutely think something special happened here,” the Deputy later told Paranormal Witness. 

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: There's nothing stronger than the protective love of a mother, even when she's a ghost. 

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    The Green Lady Of Stirling Castle

    The Story: Legend has it that The Green Lady was once a serving girl in Stirling Castle in Scotland. Mary, Queen of Scots was almost killed when the curtains in the room where she slept caught fire. The girl saved her from the fire, but she died in her place. 

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: She is said to roam the castle looking for fires, which is a pretty considerate thing to do. Also, giving your life to save someone deserves a thumbs up at the least.

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    Zona Heaster Shue, The Greenbriar Ghost

    The Story: In 1897, Zona Heaster Shoe was found dead in Greenbriar County, WV, her head in a strange position. In the time it took for the doctor to arrive, Shue's husband washed and redressed her body and was acting strangely, seemingly trying to hide her neck and obstructing the doctor from making a full examination. Shue's mother had a dream in which her daughter informed her that she was murdered. The mother's dream and the husband's odd behavior convinced prosecutors to reopen the case. When they exhumed the body, an autopsy revealed obvious injuries to her neck and determined her death to be caused by strangulation. During her husband's trial, it was discovered Shue was his third wife and the second to die.

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: Three cheers for a ghost who returns from the grave to help solve their murder and convict their killer.

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    Lisa Posluns

    The Story: In 2002, Lisa Posluns was working late at her real estate office when she was attacked, raped, and murdered. Janitor Rui Marques was questioned, but DNA tests cleared him from the crime. However, he proved instrumental in solving the case when the ghost of Posluns appeared to him in a conference room and pointed to a black table. He remembered former janitorial employee Nelson DeJesus always wore black to work, and police discovered he had been harassing Posluns for a few months. DeJesus's DNA also matched the evidence found at the scene.

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: A more modern tale of a ghost helping solve their own murder deserves a thumbs up and some gratitude for effort, even if their clue was pretty vague.

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  • Freddy Jackson
    Photo: Sir Victor Goddard / Wikimedia Commons / CC0 1.0
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    Freddy Jackson

    The Story: Sir Victor Goddard discovered a ghost in a photo of his World War I HMS Daedalus squadron when he noticed the face of Freddy Jackson in the back row. Jackson had died two days earlier, accidentally killed by an airplane propeller. His funeral was happening at the same time of the photo. Other members of the squadron easily recognized Jackson's face, as well.

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: Give the guy a break; he just wanted to be in a photo with his friends.

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    Abraham Lincoln

    The Story: America's 16th President has been spotted in Ford's Theater, the White House, his tomb in Illinois, and Fort Monroe in Virginia. Even Winston Churchill claimed to have had an encounter with Honest Abe. Although Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, a freshly bathed and naked Churchill ran into him during a 1940s stay at the White House. Supposedly, they eyed each other with some embarrassment until Churchill said, "Good evening, Mr. President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage," and Lincoln disappeared. 

    Why You Should Cheer For This Ghost: Anyone who caught a glimpse of Winston Churchill naked deserves a lot more than a cheer.

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