Graveyard Shift

16 Ghosts Who Are The Heroes, Not The Horrors, Of Their Narratives

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No matter how they died and what they get up to, there are just some ghosts you have to root for. Perhaps they are murder victims, or are the hard-searching parents of a dead child, or are witches killed in violent ways many years ago. Whatever the case, they're stuck in our world and could use a little cheering on.

Some good ghosts are nice and friendly, while others are angry and resentful. Regardless of their temperaments, something happened to ghosts when they died, and they are stuck in a sort of limbo, not belonging here but unable to move on. Occasionally, they hang around just to help solve their own murders, which is both helpful and admirable. In some cases, no one really knows how they died. 

The ghosts in this list are fighters. They've put up with a lot and deserve a little recognition and maybe a pat on the back. Go ahead – give them a little cheer.