List of Giacomo Puccini Operas

For opera lovers, here's an alphabetical list of popular Giacomo Puccini operas, with photos when available. This Giacomo Puccini operas list includes the names of all Puccini operas, a great resource for his most recognizable historic shows.

This Giacomo Puccini operas list contains various bits of information, such as what language his most popular operas were composed in and what genres they fall under. Also, this list goes beyond the most well-known Puccini operas - it may introduce you to a few you aren't familiar with yet.

Our list features compositions like Madama Butterfly, Suor Angelica, and more. It will help you answer the question, "Which operas did Giacomo Puccini write?"

If you're new to opera or writing a research paper about historic Giacomo Puccini operas, then this is the perfect jumping off point. With so many great works composed by Puccini, you're sure to find some interesting characters and beautiful stories to enthrall you.