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15 Pictures That Put The Enormous Marvel Characters In Perspective

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The Marvel universe constantly reaches new heights, in both the figurative and literal senses. While Marvel’s worldwide popularity and pocketbooks continue to grow, the characters that drive that growth are also swelling in size. The debut of Giant Man in Captain America: Civil War marked only the beginning. With Marvel opening up its cinematic universe to the cosmic side of things, the magnificent beings who grace the silver screen will simply get bigger, more powerful, and more metaphorical as time goes on.

Marvel already hosts a solid stable to work with when it comes to comic book characters with size. Sometimes, however, it’s tough to grasp the real sizes of superheroes and supervillains when contained to the four-color page. Luckily, Marvel covered that base with their extensive back catalogue of universe guidebooks, trading cards, and “secret” files containing all the vital statistics of their characters for decades. This, plus a little real-world measurement, allows one to make some superhero size comparisons that will make anyone rethink their childhood dream to become a costumed crimefighter!