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Giant Orb Weaver Spiders Exist, And They’re Terrifying

As if the world wasn't terrifying enough, here comes another disturbing spider to add to the phobia list. Giant orb-weaver spiders can be found all over the planet, so there’s no use trying to hide. They’re going to find you eventually, so you might as well brush up on your orb-weaver knowledge so you're at least prepared. 

One species in particular have a terrifying reputation of ensnaring prey that is exponentially larger than they are. These are the unquestionably scary golden orb-weaver spiders, also known as banana spiders. The golden silk orb-weaver is part of a small club of arachnids that can capture and consume birds. That’s right, there’s more than one species of bird-eating spider, and they’re all terrifying. 

So how do the golden silk orb-weavers manage to take down such gigantic prey? The answer might surprise you. What won’t surprise you is how horrifying these images of spiders eating birds are.