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42 Incredible GIFs of How Things Work

We have here the best and most fascinating gifs of how things work. From lady bugs flying in slow motion to the intricate process behind the mechanisms of how grenades work, these gifs explain it all. Detailed and colorful, these educational gifs will help you quench your curiosity about all the questions your parents and silly old pictures could never answer. These animated gifs showing the mystery inner workings of everyday objects will inform and amaze you!

How DOES a sewing machine work? What goes on inside the Big Bird suit? How quickly does blood go around your body, and when it does get to the heart, how does that work? These gifs are perfect for procrastinating or for learning some extra knowledge to impress your friends.

Upvote the most interesting gifs below, showing how things work. There's lots of information on the Internet, but these gifs are some of the most amazingly educational images you'll see all day.
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    How Dogs' Tongues Work


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    How Locks Work


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    How Sewing Machines Work


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    How the Panama Canal Works

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