15 People Share Their Best Gift Wrapping Hacks So You Can Wrap Like A Pro This Year

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Gift wrappers: vote up the best tips that will help out beginners.

Wrapping gifts can be just as stressful as buying them. If you're tired of handing over messy presents to your friends and family, read these gift wrapping tips and learn how to wrap presents like a pro!

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    Make It A Mystery With A Weirdly Shaped Box

    From a former Redditor

    One thing that has become a tradition with my family is to wrap things in weird boxes so no one can guess what their gift is.

    For example, I bought my dad a hitch cover for his truck and wrapped it inside a giant Christmas tree box stuffed with tissue paper.

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    Theme Your Wrapping Paper

    From Redditor u/eternal-harvest:

    I've found that if I theme my wrapping paper, everything looks so much better. Last year I went for pastels. The year before was black and gold. This year is traditional red and green again.

    Obviously, you only get the effect if you're wrapping multiple gifts (like, I do this for the four members of my immediate family, for who[m] I'll usually buy at least three gifts.) But it does look pretty impressive when all those gifts are sitting pretty under the tree.

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    Use Colorful Old Catalogs!

    From Redditor u/gardening:

    Pro tip: old seed catalogs make great wrapping paper for small gifts!

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    Turn Your Wrapping Paper Into A Craft 

    From Redditor u/Diffledee13:

    For me, it depends on the person. One year I wrapped everything in brown paper and decorated it to look like something else... coloring it to look like a panda bear (with googly eyes) or a train, etc. Another year I bought brown tea towels and used it as wrapping paper to make it look like a reindeer (with paper eyes and pompom nose).

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    Make The Gift As Square As Possible

    From Redditor u/metacide:

    Make the gift as square as possible. Place the gift on the roll of wrapping paper. Mark the edge of the gift on the paper. Roll the gift along with the wrapping paper four times away from your mark. Mark the edge of the gift on the paper again.

    Now cut the paper so that you have an extra inch or 2 for overlap on the marks you made. This makes sure you have just enough to go all the way around it.

    Now fold the paper on the sides of the gift up until it reaches just past halfway and mark that. Cut off the excess paper from the sides.

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    Crease All The Edges

    From Redditor u/hobbs522:

    I like to crease all the edges going around the box; the clean lines look nice.

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