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Gifted Movie Quotes

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What are the best Gifted quotes? Thhis movie tells the story about a man raising his niece, who is caught in a custody battle for the girl with his mother. The drama film was written by Tom Flynn and directed by Marc Webb. Gifted opened theatrically in the United States on April 7, 2017.

Gifted has some great lines, and in the movie, Frank (Chris Evans) has been raising his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) since she was an infant after Mary's mother and Frank's sister Diane died. Frank does his best to bring Mary up to be a good person and, by most accounts, succeeds at that. But one day of school for Mary reveals something that changes their happy lives. 

Mary's teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) discovers that Mary is gifted after she's able to answer complicated math problems in her head nearly instantly. While Mary is offered a scholarship to a prestigious school for gifted children, Frank turns down the offer citing the promise to Diane that he'd raise Mary as a normal girl. Frank's estranged mother, Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan), learns about Mary's talents. This begins to fight between Frank and Evelyn for custody of Mary, arguing that Mary's skills are being smothered by Frank. 

Gifted was just one of several great spring 2017 movies in theaters along with Going in Style, Smurfs: The Lost Village, The Lost City of Z, and Spark: A Space Tail.  

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    Your Niece May Be Gifted

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    Bonnie: I think your niece may be gifted. 
    Gloria: I am good friends with the headmaster for the Oaks Academy for Gifted Education.
    Frank: No, I promised my sister I'd give Mary a normal life. I think she's gotta be here.

    After teachers identify Mary as a potentially gifted student, they approach Frank with a scholarship to a prestigious school for exceptionally talented children. Frank, however, politely declines the offer on grounds that he promised Mary's mother that she'd live a normal life.

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      Denying the Girl Her Potential

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      Mary: Who's that lady in front of our door?
      Frank: That would be your grandmother.
      Mary: Holy...
      Frank: What are you doing here?
      Evelyn: You are denying the girl her potential. How many seven year olds are doing advanced calculus?
      Frank: You're going to take that girl. You're going to loan her out to some think tank where she can talk non-trivial zeroes with a bunch of old Russian guys for the rest of her life. 
      Evelyn: And you'd bury her under a rock. 
      Frank: Evelyn, stop! I'm raising her how I believe Diane would have wanted.

      Word of Mary's intelligence have spread and Frank's estranged mother has showed up to stake claim to Mary. As Frank states in these Gifted movie quotes, allowing Evelyn to treat Mary like some kind of calculator isn't what Mary's mother, Diane, would have wanted.

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        She's Gotta Get Out in the World

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        Roberta: If anyone takes that baby away, I'll smother you in your sleep. Go get her back before it's too late!
        Frank: She's gotta get out in the world. She has no friends her age, no social skills.

        Roberta knows that Mary is special, and special because she's had a positive influence of Frank in her life. Accordingly, Roberta will do whatever it takes to make sure Frank doesn't lose custody.

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          Full Custody of the Child

          Evelyn's Attorney: We petition the court to grant my client full custody of the child.
          Frank: My sister wanted Mary to be a kid. She wanted friends and to be happy. 
          Evelyn's Attorney: Tell us, do you have health insurance? 
          Frank: No
          Evelyn's Attorney: Did you spend the night in jail?
          Frank's Attorney: Objection!

          As Frank and Evelyn head to court to fight for custody of Mary, Evelyn's attorneys come after Frank hard. In these Gifted movie quotes, they try to make him look unfit, at least on paper.

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