20 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Gilmore Girls

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Behold: some Gilmore Girls trivia for all of you diehard fans out there. Gilmore Girls brought us not only a mother-daughter relationship we could be envious over but other memorable characters, like disgruntled Luke, the always-chatty Miss Patty, numerous good and bad romantic interests, and the best girlfriends a girl could have: Lane and Sookie. Admit it, you got weepy-eyed when Lorelai proposed to Luke, and laughed-out-loud whenever Lane unveiled another music "hiding place" under her floorboards. Throughout the seasons, we learned obscure pop culture references and important life lessons that we'll never forget. And if we do need a refresher, well, we can always watch all of the Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix!

Just like the Gilmores we’d never keep secrets from you (well, at least not for too long) like, “Who was pregnant during filming?” And, “What was really in Rory’s coffee cup?” Have no fear! We’re about to reveal all the behind-the-scenes 4-1-1 right here on our list of Gilmore Girls fun facts and trivia!

Fans were devastated when the show was canceled during its seventh season on May 3, 2007. Will we ever know exactly what happened to our favorite quick-talking, coffee-guzzling mom and daughter duo? Most importantly, which men did they end up with? Though rumors have flown about a TV reunion, or even a movie, nothing has been set in stone. So in the meantime, grab some pizza and take a look at some tidbits you might not have known about your favorite Star's Hollow inhabitants.

  • The Show's Tagline is "Life's short. Talk fast" for a Reason

    You're completely correct in thinking they talk fast on the show. The average Gilmore Girls script is double the length of a standard TV script. That's a lot more lingo to throw in so it's fitting the show's tagline is "Life's short. Talk fast." 


  • Lane's Father Actually Exists

    The character of Lane's father actually lives with Lane and her mother even though he never makes an appearance. . . not even at Lane's wedding!


  • The Gilmore Girls's Sets Were Built on a Sound Stage

    The entire first floor of Lorelai and Rory's home was built to scale within a sound stage. But you could also access Sookie's house from Lorelai's foyer through a "coat closet" door. Exterior shots of the home, the foyer, and the hallways were filmed on an outdoor set. 

  • The GG Producers Created Paris For Weil

    Liza Weil originally auditioned for the part of Rory. Even though she didn’t get the role, the producers liked her so much they wrote a part for her: Rory’s arch-nemesis turned friend, Paris Gellar.

  • GG was Bledel's First Acting Gig

    Have you ever noticed how much Lauren Graham wraps her arm around her TV daughter during the first season? This is because Gilmore Girls was Alexis Bledel's first acting gig, and Lauren Graham was guiding her to the correct standing positions during filming.

  • Melissa McCarthy Almost Wasn't Sookie


    Alex Borstein was originally cast as Sookie but had to back out due to a contract with MADtv. The role was then recast with the Sookie you know: Melissa McCarthy. No problem! McCarthy was an excellent fit for Lorelai’s best gal-pal (besides Rory, of course).

     Although this opportunity fell through for Borstein, she still makes numerous cameos on the show.