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"Gimme Shelter" movie quotes tell the based on a true story of one girl who leaves home in order to find her true family. The independent drama film was written and directed by Ron Krauss using the real-life story of Several Sources Shelters founder Kathy DiFiore. "Gimme Shelter" premiered in October 2013 at the Heartland Film Festival before its United States theatrical release on January 24, 2014.

In "Gimme Shelter," Agnes "Apple" Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens) is a teen who has been raised by drug addict single mother June (Rosario Dawson) but has had enough of being nothing more than her mother's ticket to a higher welfare check. Apple leaves home with the hopes that her successful but absent father, Tom (Brendan Fraser), will take her out of the foster system and away from her mother into a much more lavish lifestyle.

Apple stays with father Tom and his family for a while but is back on the streets after he learns of her pregnancy and refusal to terminate the pregnancy. With the help of a hospital chaplain (James Earl Jones), Apple ends up in a shelter for pregnant women, operated by Kathy (Ann Dowd). Despite her mother's pleas for Apple to return home, it's with those women of the shelter where Apple finds her true family.

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Feel Like a Family

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Apple Bailey: "It's crazy how you can go and live with strangers and feel like a family."

Apple reflects on her life and her family. At home she never felt like part of a family but now that she's taken refuge with other women, many of very similar situations as her own, she finally feels at home.
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I Want Out of the System

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Apple Bailey: "When I was eight, I was taken away from my mother when she was arrested for drugs. By the time I was 12, I was in my 10th foster home… I was too scared to even open up my own mouth. I ran away. I went to try to find my mother and try to stay with her for a while. Things got real bad and I had to go and all that time, that letter was the only thing I ever got from you. Now I'm just asking you for a little time because I am done being passed off as someone's case number. I want out of the system! So are you going to help me out?"

Upon finding her biological father, Apple explains what he's missed during her life, which isn't a cheery story. Since he wasn't there for the bad parts, she pleads with him for help in making at least her immediate future more promising.
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Not Ready to Assume the Responsibility of Motherhood

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Tom Fitzpatrick: It's clear that you are not ready to assume the responsibility of motherhood."

Tom, Apple's father, is upset after learning about her teen pregnancy. He does not approve of her choice to keep the child and makes it known that she is not ready for the commitment.
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Don't Make Your Child Suffer

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Father McCarthy: "Don't make your child suffer because you're suffering."
Apple Bailey: "Where was god when I was suffering all these years? You think you know me?! You don't know anything!"

After a car accident lands Apple in the hospital, the chaplain, Father McCarthy, stops by to try to life her spirits. Apple isn't interested in hearing it though.
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