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20 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Gina Carano

Updated November 6, 2017 23k views20 items

Gina Carano burst onto the mixed martial arts scene and instantly became the face of the rapidly growing sport. Before that, she'd already racked up an impressive Muay Thai record. And since leaving her fighting days behind her, she's managed to earn herself quite the acting resume, including a role in 2016's Deadpool. Not too shabby for a former high school basketball star.

But who is Gina Carano? What is her life like outside of the ring and off of the set? Where did she get her start in the entertainment industry? Where did she get her start in the MMA world? What does she think of the only woman she's lost to? How did she get cast in Steven Soderbergh's Haywire? And most importantly: Could she beat Ronda Rousey in a fight?

Don't expect a standard biography or Wikipedia page here. We've scoured the Internet to answer these questions and bring you the best Gina Carano stories, anecdotes, and quotes around. These are the coolest, and most interesting facts you may not know about one of the worlds hottest and toughest female fighters. Check out this Gina Carano bio and vote up your favorite trivia below!
  • Her Dad Was a QB for the Cowboys

    Gina Carano is a natural when it comes to sports. Her father was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and her mother was a cheerleader. That awesome combo led to the very pretty, very athletic fighter.
  • She Was a Fight Mentor for a Reality TV Show

    There was a short-lived reality TV program called Fight Girls on the Oxygen network. It was similar to UFC/Spike TV's Ultimate Fighter. In the show, ten female fighters lived together in a house and fought until there were only five left. The remaining contestants competed in Vegas. Gina Carano was one of the instructors/mentors on the program.
  • She Also Goes by CRUSH

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    Gina Carano was an American Gladiator! Yes, THAT American Gladiator! And she loved it: "On American Gladiators, I got to pummel a lot of people off a pyramid with a giant Q-tip. It was so much fun to wrestle people with no risk of getting knocked out or choked out."
  • People Want Her to Choke Them in Photos

    Video: YouTube
    When people see a celebrity or sports figure, it's not uncommon for them to ask for a picture. But ever since Gina choked out the host of Sport Science, her fans have been lobbying for the same treatment whenever they meet her.