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Gina Rodriguez Loves and Hookups

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Who is Gina Rodriguez dating? This list includes all of the celebrity men Gina Rodriguez dated, arranged by most recent. Gina Rodriguez relationships include mostly actors. 

The list of people Gina Rodriguez dated is fairly short, though you will definitely recognize a few names. Gina Rodriguez boyfriend Ben Schwartz is known for his work on House of Lies and Parks and Recreation. Gina Rodriguez exes tend to be in her field of entertainment as well. 

Gina Rodriguez husband Joe LoCicero appeared on an episode of Jane the Virgin. Gina Rodriguez married the actor on May 4, 2019. 

The Gina Rodriguez single status is no more, but this list will tell you all about Gina Rodriguez boyfriends from before her marriage, where they were born, and what they do professionally. 

  • Joe LoCicero

    Gina Rodriguez began dating Joe LoCicero after the pair met on the set of her CW series Jane the Virgin in 2016. They announced their engagement in summer 2018. 

    Someone Great actress Gina Rodriguez married Joe LoCicero on May 4, 2019. 

    • Age: 32
    • Birthplace: Long Island, New York
  • Ben Schwartz and Gina Rodriguez began dating in 2016. However, Gina Rodriguez and the House of Lies star then split some time in 2017. 

    • Age: 40
    • Birthplace: USA, New York
    • Alternative Name: Benjamin Schwartz
  • Photo: Revenge / ABC

    Henri Esteve

    Gina Rodriguez dated Revenge actor Henri Esteve for a year. The pair split in September 2015. 

    • Age: 30
    • Birthplace: Miami, Florida