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Ginger & Rosa Movie Quotes

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"Ginger & Rosa" movie quotes provide the dialogue to the coming-of-age movie about two best friends who grow apart as they and the world changes. The British drama film was written and directed by Sally Potter and distributed by Artificial Eye. "Ginger & Rosa" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival before it's October 19, 2012, release in the UK and March 15, 2013, release in the US.

In "Ginger & Rosa," the title characters portrayed by Elle Fanning and Alice Englert, respectively, are teen girls in London in 1962 and the best of friends. They are virtually inseparable as they skip school, hang out and discuss things like hairstyles and politics together. They also share the fact that their mothers, including Ginger's mother Natalie (Christina Hendricks), are quite frustrated and unhappy with their lives.

The relationship between Ginger and Rosa however changes when news of the Cuban Missile Crisis hits. Ginger, on the urging of her free-spirited father Roland (Alessandro Nivola), stresses about the Cold War and wants nothing more to protest for peace, which she does and later regrets. Rosa on the other hand is more interested in smoking and boys, especially Roland. This stress causes both to question if they are truly meant to be lifelong best friends or if they should go their separate ways sooner rather than later.

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    Always Be Best Friends

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    Ginger: "We had a dream that we would always be best friends."

    Ginger explains that she and Rosa always planned to be the best of friends, inseparable actually, like they were growing up. The world around them however is changing and they are growing into their own, which does not necessarily lead them on the same path.
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    A Girl's Most Important Possession

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    Rosa: "It says here that a girl's most important possession is a bubbly personality."
    Ginger: "Interesting. Do you think that Simone de Beauvoir has a bubbly personality?"
    Rosa: "Who?"
    Ginger: "That French writer, she's an existentialist."
    Rosa: "Maybe she hasn't read 'Girl.' Says here that boys don't like girls who are too serious."
    Ginger: "Oh, well even so, did I tell you I decided to be a poet?"
    Rosa: "I thought you were already."

    Sitting in a tub of water to shrink their jeans, Ginger and Rosa have some girl talk. Rosa is all about boys and teen magazines while Ginger ponders more serious topics like poetry and existentialism.
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    Where Have You Been?

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    Natalie: "Where have you been?"
    Ginger: "We were just roving about, being free"
    Natalie: "I think Rosa's bad influence."

    After a night when Ginger and Rosa are out late, Natalie, Ginger's mother, asks where they've been. Natalie is not happy with Ginger's behavior and thinks that Rosa is to blame.
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    Who Do You Think You Are?

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    Ginger: "Who do you think you are? Don't you care about the future anymore?"
    Rosa: "Who do you think you are? While everyone can serve the whole world some of us have to concentrate on just one person."

    After growing apart, Ginger and Rose fight, questioning each other's actions and desires. Ginger is focused on the world as a whole while Rosa's view is much more limited.
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