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A list of Giorgione artwork, including all notable Giorgione paintings, sculptures and other works of art, with photos when available. These popular Giorgione pieces are sorted alphabetically by the title of the work of art. These are some of Giorgione's most famous art pieces, so if you're wondering what art was made by Giorgione and how many major pieces of art Giorgione made then this list is a great resource. If you want to know more about these pieces of renowned Giorgione artwork, then click on their names for additional information.

List is made up of many different artwork, including Castelfranco Madonna and Sleeping Venus.

Giorgione is a renowned artist celebrated by people from all around the world, so skip a day at the museum and check out these historic works of art that were created by Giorgione. (11 items)
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Adoration of the Shepherds

The Adoration of the Shepherds, sometimes still known as the Allendale Nativity, after a former owner, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Giorgione, completed in about 1505 to 1510. The attribution is now usual, although not universal; the usual other view is that it is an early Titian. It is certainly a Venetian painting of that period. It is displayed in the National Gallery of Art of Washington, D.C., United States. A group of paintings is sometimes described as the "Allendale group", after the Allendale Nativity. This group includes another Washington painting, the Holy Family, and an Adoration of the Magi predella panel in the National Gallery, London. This group, now ...more on Wikipedia

Artist: Giorgione

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The Madonna and Child Between St. Francis and St. Nicasius, also known as Castelfranco Madonna, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Giorgione executed around 1503. It is housed in the Cathedral of Castelfranco Veneto, Giorgione's native city, in Veneto, northern Italy. ...more on Wikipedia

Artist: Giorgione

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Judith is a painting by the Italian painter Giorgione, executed around 1504. It is one of the few authentic works by Giorgione owned by the Russian Hermitage Museum. The painting, originally attributed to Raphael, came to the Hermitage in 1772 from Paris. Like many other paintings, it refers to the Judith and Holofernes motif. ...more on Wikipedia

Artist: Giorgione

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Laura, formerly sometimes known as Portrait of a Young Bride, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Giorgione, c. 1506. It is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria. The portrait depicts a young woman as a bride; most probably her name was Laura. Like Giorgione's other works, it is unsigned, but it is one of the less controversial attributions to Giorgione. An inscription on the reverse, accepted as early 16th-century, identifies Giorgione as the painter and provides the date, making this the only work by the artist bearing a reliable date. Behind the young woman is a branch of laurel, symbol of chastity, and carrying the nuptial veil. The gesture of opening the fur ...more on Wikipedia

Artist: Giorgione