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Logan Rapp
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Vine stars are always great at making commentary on daily life, whether it's discussing what happened to them today, finding some deeper truths about their lives or the lives of others, or simply just making a joke about what they're seeing in the world. Some of the funniest Vines out there, however, are about the lives of girls. While some of the jokes can definitely be a little stereotypical, you've gotta admit that they're all pretty freaking hilarious. We've put together the best of "Girls be like..." so that you can giggle along with some of the funniest Vine stars out there.

Whether it's Vine-famous funny girl Jessi Smiles poking fun at her own gender, or one of the many regular uses taking a crack at this style of joke, we've got the best "Girl, like, what?" Vines around! Vote up the best "Girls be like..." Vines below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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When Girls See Their Crush

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Girls on Instagram Be Like...

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When Girls Are Honest

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Your BFF Be Like...