24 Girl Names That Used to Be Boy Names

List of girl names that used to be boy names. This list includes baby names that are now used (almost) exclusively for girls in the U.S., but once also ranked in the Top 1000 Names for Boys, according to data by The Baby Name Wizard, Nameberry, and other sources. Remember Ashley Wilkes from Gone with the Wind? He was a boy. So was the author Evelyn Waugh. And actor Blair Underwood. Can you imagine a friend naming a baby boy Beverly today? I guess it's better than Aidynn or Jaiyss or whatever.

This list of girl names that used to be boy names does not include popular unisex names. Everyone knows Alex, Sam, Morgan, Jordan, Jamie, Jessie, Taylor, Dylan / Ryan / Logan, Robin, Bailey, Avery, Aubrey, Shelby, Casey, Terry, Leigh, and so forth are names that could be for either boys or girls (though whether they should be is really a different discussion). Instead, this list of former male names focuses on names that would be most surprising if you heard them given to a baby boy today. Like, "This is my son Stacy." And it's not Stacy Keach.

Many of these male baby names that have been appropriated by girls (and their parents) are the names of places. Lindsay, for example, comes from the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Lindsey. Beverly means something about a "beaver stream." Other names related to parentage: Alison is literally "son of Alice" (who must have been a pretty big shot to have her male child named after her instead of her husband). And if your dad's name is already Carol, why not also be a Carol? No good reason. Some of the girl names that used to be boy names in the U.S. are still popular names for boys in other countries - just not this one. In 'Merica, Hilary is a name for ladies. Lastly, Evelyn comes from the French word for "hazelnut." Isn't that cute? I would name a kid Evelyn - but only a boy kid.