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This Woman May Have Been Possessed During Her YouTube Makeup Tutorial Video, But Is It Real? 

Erin Wisti
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Startling found footage has been a staple of the online world since the dawn of the Internet. From people who were possessed to strange recordings, the YouTube found footage world is awash with all things paranormal and unexplainable. In 2014, a creepy YouTube video surfaced of a woman supposedly becoming possessed in the middle of a makeup tutorial. In the middle of an otherwise conventional beauty video, the possessed YouTuber enters a trance and then violently smashes her head on the keyboard. 

Ever since it emerged, this disturbing makeup tutorial has been the subject of a lot of speculation. Is the video real? Or is it part of a hoax or even a bizarre movie promotion? Many online debates have surfaced around the video, and it's up to those who watch to decide whether they believe it's truly authentic. 

The Tutorial Was Supposedly Released By A Hacker In 2014
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The strange tutorial dates back to 2014 when it was released by a "hacker." Presented as found footage, the man claimed he hacked into 15 IP cameras at a mansion in an unknown location. He claims to have found evidence of paranormal activity that resulted in four people going missing.

The video encourages viewers to check out a page for The 15 Experience, which contains more creepy alleged found footage. The video has resurfaced recently because the uploader has posted an update after a two-year hiatus on his social media accounts. While the hacker's various social media sites do not overtly say whether the project is real, many people think it’s safe to assume The 15 Experience is a promo for a movie and the found footage is no more real than The Blair Witch Project

There Is Some Speculation The Woman Fell Victim To Foul Play

Online sleuths who buy the video's authenticity are worried about the woman's safety. Makeup tutorials are a lucrative YouTube venue. Given the video got so many views, one would think "Nikki" would use that momentum to build up her channel. However, there have been no tutorials or updates from the creator since.

This has led to some speculation on message boards and comments sections that she was met with foul play. Some theorize an unseen perp was lurking behind the woman and slammed her face into the computer screen. According to this theory, the woman has not resurfaced on the net because she was actually taken out.

Her Wounds Are A Subject Of Online Debate

There has been some squabbling online about whether or not what the woman endured was real. Some commenters are highly dismissive, pointing out the swelling happens too quickly to be plausible. The fact the woman's face immediately became swollen is suspicious.

However, other commenters are not so sure. Some claim they've seen swelling occur instantaneously themselves. Others claim swelling can occur quickly in the event of extreme trauma, and that the strength the woman used to bash her head against the laptop could theoretically result in immediate swelling.

Some Speculate 'Nikki' Is Suffering From Mentally Illness
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Some people believe the video is authentic, but don't buy the demonic possession theories. Internet sleuths wonder if the woman is actually mentally ill and whether she was suffering some kind of breakdown during the video.

They reckon the reason she has not resurfaced is due to mental illness, not satanic energy.