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This Strange Video Shows A Woman Getting 'Possessed' During A Makeup Tutorial

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Startling found footage has been a staple of the internet since its inception. From creepy possessions to strange recordings, the YouTube found-footage world is awash with all things supposedly paranormal and unexplainable. In 2014, the YouTube channel the15experience uploaded a creepy video of a woman seemingly becoming possessed in the middle of a makeup tutorial. 

Skeptics ask if this video is real or a hoax, and some suspect it could be part of some bizarre movie promotion. Authentic or not, the video has been removed from YouTube for displaying graphic content.

  • The 2014 Video Depicts A Woman In A Trance Repeatedly Hitting Her Head

    In the video, a woman named Nikki gives makeup advice on a split screen that also shows a Facebook livestream. As she applies her makeup, the livestream cuts to CCTV footage, and a loud beeping sound covers her audio. At this point, Nikki seemingly enters some sort of trance before repeatedly smashing her head on the keyboard. 

    The strange tutorial dates back to 2014, when it was released by a "hacker." Presented as found footage, the individual who uploaded the video claimed that they hacked into 15 IP cameras at a mansion in an unknown location. They also claimed to have found evidence of paranormal activity that resulted in the disappearance of four people.

    The original video encouraged viewers to check out a page for The 15 Experience, a now-defunct website that contained an assortment of creepy found footage. The video resurfaced in 2017 after the "hacker" posted an update following a two-year social media hiatus. Many people assumed that the video was a movie promo, though plenty of web users were convinced the footage was real.

  • Some Speculate The Woman Was A Victim Of Foul Play

    Online sleuths who believed in the video's authenticity were worried about Nikki's safety. They speculated that since the video became so popular, "Nikki" would likely have used that momentum to build up her channel if the footage was fake; however, no further tutorials or updates ever surfaced.

    This lack of follow-up from Nikki led some online to suspect that she had met with foul play. Some theorized an unseen assailant was lurking behind Nikki and slammed her face into the computer screen. According to this theory, Nikki  didn't resurface on the net because she didn't survive the video.

  • Nikki's Wounds Sparked Much Online Debate

    There has been some debate online about whether or not what Nikki endured was real. Some posters were highly dismissive and pointed out that her face swelled too quickly, which raised a fair amount of suspicion.

    However, others were not so sure. Some claimed they had seen swelling occur instantaneously themselves. Others claimed swelling could occur quickly in the event of extreme trauma, and that the strength Nikki used to bash her head against the laptop could theoretically result in immediate swelling. One poster noted, "If this video is fake... she did an amazing job with her EYES."

  • Some Were Suspicious Of The Dubious Special Effects

    Video: YouTube

    Web sleuths with some knowledge of special effects didn't buy the video. To some, the sound of Nikki smacking her head on the keyboard sounded more like a person striking a garbage can. Skeptics also noted that Nikki tilting her head back may have been a means to hide the blood pack producing the fake gore. Extensive scrutiny of the video led some online sleuths to conclude that it was the work of a subpar makeup artist trying to get noticed.  

    In a blind react to the video, YouTuber AyChristineGames said, "The devil's a liar, and you are, too!"