Weird Nature This Girl Trapped In Her Kitchen Because Of A MASSIVE Spider Is All Of Us  

Mick Jacobs

Despite their tiny size, insects and arachnids spur a deep-seated fear in practically everybody. The video below shows a girl trapped in her kitchen by a large spider, a situation everyone can embarrassingly relate to.

Anyone who doesn't lie to themselves knows they once found themselves in a similar situation at some point in this dangerous world. Instead of a spider, it might have been a mouse or a cockroach that struck fear into your heart and forced you to climb atop a dress or high chair.

The poor girl in this video remains trapped atop her counter, unable to do anything while her boyfriend gleefully records her from across the room. Though he finds it funny, he also makes very effort to disturb the large arachnid either.

You might say she reacted too dramatically, and maybe she did. But if you walked into your kitchen and saw eight long legs firmly planted in front of your fridge, you might just consider going hungry for the evening.