relationships Girlfriend Thinks Heartfelt Proposal From Her Boyfriend Is A Prank  

Mick Jacobs

Proposals deserve to be taken seriously. Unless, that is, you and your partner have a long history of pranking each other. That very situation happens in the video below, where one girlfriend thinks her boyfriend's proposal is a joke.

Having dated for two years, Chelsea Newble and Chris Morley both enjoy pulling pranks on each other and now expect mischief at all times. Because of this, Newble truly fails to realize the proposal is genuine for a few moments.

"Are you serious?" she laughingly asks over and over again, until she realizes he isn't getting up and her friends have their camera on her. When she does, she starts to get a little emotional.

Thankfully by the end of the video, Newble understands just how serious her boyfriend is, and she looks overwhelmed with joy. Watch Newble and Morley's engagement unfold in all its glory below.