Rank All of the Girlfriends from "Friends"

Audiences delighted in watching ten seasons of the NBC mega-hit comedy Friends. The show was a Thursday night institution back when it was an honor to air a sitcom on Thursday nights. Throughout its 236 episode run, fans got to witness the up and down love lives of six people who we grew to think of as our own personal friends. But which girlfriends from the show Friends rank the highest?

Of course, Ross would end up with Rachel; they were simply meant to be. But the paleontologist had to go through several girls, some of whom he loved, one of whom he even married, before he realized that he would never get over the girl he had adored since high school. Chandler also had his share of women come in and out of his life before he married Monica. One of them, Janice, kept coming in and out of his life even though he thought she was perhaps the single most annoying female on the planet. But come on, admit it, Janice probably even grew on you a bit, too. She was the only cast member besides the six friends to appear in every single season. Someone liked her!

Then there was Joey Tribbiani. The Italian Lothario never had a problem scoring with the ladies, but he also never seemed to find the love of his life, despite having many girlfriends and relationships.

This list ranks all the girlfriends of Ross, Chandler, and Joey. Some of the girls were catches, most of them needed to be thrown back in the water, and some of them were doomed from the start (like anyone not named Rachel Green who dated Ross.) Which girlfriends from the Friends TV series do you think were the best and most fun to watch? Which of these television girlfriends stole your heart? Upvote the best GFs of the guys from Friends below!