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"Big man in a suit of armor, take that off what are you?" "Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist." With emphasis on the "playboy," Tony Stark is an infamous womanizer in the Marvel comic books; it's part of his very identity. As such, he's seen a lot of women over the last 50+ years (can you believe he's been around since 1963?). We're talking about a guy who was modeled after Hugh freakin' Hefner, the founder of the Playboy empire! But which of Tony's ladies won your heart?

Who has Tony Stark dated? Who of Iron Man's girlfriends is the best? Whether you enjoy the company of blondes (Joanna Nivena), brunettes (Janet Van Dyne) or Tony's personal favorite, redheads (Natasha Romanova, Pepper Potts, Bethany Cabe, etc.) then he's the guy to talk to. 

Since there are far too many woman in the Marvel Universe that Tony's dated, we went with the best of, or at least the most noteworthy and life affecting of Tony Stark's lovers. It'd probably shorter to make a list of woman that Stark HASN'T been with in the 616 and Ultimate universes... We saw the way Aunt May was eyeballing him...

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Pepper Potts

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When Virginia "Pepper" Potts became secretary of Stark's company, they instantly fell for each other, but Tony remained cold and distant, convinced his metal chest plate kept him from having any sort of romantic relationship. Pepper ended up marrying Tony's chauffeur, Happy Hogan, but that soon ended in divorce. Tony rehired Pepper and love seemed to manifest again for a time, but after a passionate kiss they decided they should remain friends.

For years, Pepper was one of the only people to know that Tony Stark was Iron Man.

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I mean, we all know Stark's one true love: bourbon.
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Black Widow

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Tony and Natasha Romanova dated for a short time but broke it off as soon as he found out she was a spy. (Probably with some flashbacks to his time with Sunset Bain.) She soon defected to the West, joining the Avengers. She remains one of Tony's most trusted allies. 

In the Ultimate Universe things went even further, as seen above.

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Maria Hill

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In The Invincible Iron Man (Vol. 5) #10, both thinking the world is screwed, Stark and Hill have a moment of weakness. Maria wakes up in Tony's armory, abandoned, with a note that said, "Blow it up run like hell!"
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