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This Makeup Artist Creates Mesmerizing Lip Art Inspired By Nature  

Jessica L. Yarbrough
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Andrea from Girl Grey Beauty makes makeup application look easy. Her nature-inspired looks are going to make you wish you could be a MUA.

If her 350K Instagram followers are any indication, the Canadian virtuoso is only going to get more famous. The creative lip looks she posts nearly every day always go viral. And her biggest inspiration is nature, in all of its glorious colors, shapes, and textures. But this is not your average lip art; Andrea‚Äôs most detailed creations include mountaintops, fields of wildflowers, and insanely realistic insects.

Try these these looks for yourself; Andrea even has a YouTube page with instructional videos.

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This Lip Art Really Rocks


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Dusky Mountains Look Great In Millennial Pink


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The Stars Never Seemed So Close


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Can You Bee-lieve This Look Is 100% Painted?


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