TV trivia 24 Things You Didn't Know About HBO's Girls  

Lisa Waugh
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They’re entitled, overwrought, irreverent, and still our favorite dysfunctional young adults living it up/down in Brooklyn (and Iowa for Hannah in season four). In the past seasons of Girls, one of HBO's best TV series, we've spent some strange days indeed with Hannah, Jessa, Shosh, and Marnie.  

Hannah has given new depths to narcissism. Jessa has redefined rehab and elder care. Shosh has sped read ahead and finds the world at large lacking. And while she has found her voice, will Marnie ever find herself?  

As we ponder what and who these ladies will be wearing, swearing, and doing, here are some interesting and quirky behind the scenes facts about Lena Dunham's Girls, one of the best HBO original series and a good TV show for women, that shows girls can be a bit of a mess, but with the best intentions.

Upvote the most interesting facts you might not have known about HBO's Girls, and be sure to check out Lena Dunham's unique fashion sense as well.

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