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Things Only Girls Who Drive Big Cars Understand

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Nothing beats cruising around in your truck and riding above the rest of the crowd, free to sing, lip sync, or do your makeup at stoplights without scrutiny from other drivers. If you're a girl who drives a truck or SUV, you're all too familiar with the feeling. It's almost as great as the look of respect you receive after someone watches you climb in or out of your big rig in a parking lot. When it comes to rough terrain or snowy roads, you're no damsel in distress, and know you're taken care of with your truck/SUV's trusty power steering and four-wheel drive. You've also had your naysayers, mainly strangers or acquaintances who didn't think you "looked like the type" to drive a truck or SUV (a.k.a you're not a guy, so why are you driving that?). You enjoy destroying gender stereotypes --  girl power doesn't even begin to cover it. Silly boys, trucks are for girls.
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    You get an automatic confidence boost when people react to you behind the wheel

    They all but lose their minds... it's kinda cute, actually. YES, I can drive a truck just as well as you can.

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    You likely have a super customized driver's seat

    ...because there's no way your 5'5'' frame can see everywhere AND drive without some assistance.
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    The first time the person you're dating saw you in it...

    ...they didn't believe it was yours, then questioned you about why you had it. And how exactly did you learn to drive it? Is it hard? They have so many questions - and you try to be patient with them.
    You likely had your first driving lessons in it, so yeah, it's not hard now - it's the epitome of fun. You wouldn't feel quite like yourself driving any other type of car. If that makes you a bonafide badass, so be it.
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    You sit so high up, no one can watch you doing your makeup

    You're above that creepy guy next to you who would be totally watching you put on mascara if you were in a little Corolla.