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Girls Who Got Kicked Out of Sororities for Dumb Reasons

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Unless you’ve actually been in a sorority, it’s hard to know what happens inside the hallowed halls of a place like Chi Omega or Delta Zeta. For the most part, sororities are probably a great place to spend your college years. Not only do you make friendships that will last a lifetime, but you also get a kind of classic college experience. Unfortunately there are a few sororities and sorority members who’ve been dumped from sorority life for really dumb reasons. Sometimes the sororities themselves were at fault, other times the real problem was the student. These stories of girls who were kicked out of sorority life are terrible, weird, and hilarious all at once.

Just about every year you’ll see at least one headline that reads, “girl gets kicked out of sorority” but rarely do you get the full story. This list is pulling back the Greek curtain to reveal what really happened to some of the girls being kicked out of sororities. If you’ve ever been a sorority or frat pledge, some of these stories will definitely hit close to home.

What do you think about these sorority members? Were they right to be kicked out of their chapter, or was the sorority at fault? If you had a similar college experience, feel free to tell talk about it in the comments.
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    Nebraska Sorority Girl Regrets Tinder Pic

    In 2016, a Chi Omega sorority member was kicked out of her sorority for violating the group's "Rule of Human Dignity." What did she do that was so bad? Brace yourself. Are there any kiddies in the room? If so, cover their eyes. The girl wore a Chi Omega sorority shirt in one of her Tinder pics. Appalling. 
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    Sorority Girl Kicked Out for Sleeping Around

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    According to an anonymous email, an unnamed Alpha Phi member was voted out of her sorority for "sleeping around." Isn't that what college is for? Well, that and getting an education...
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    Girls Secretly Filmed Dancing Before Being Kicked Out

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    In news that sounds like it's from a horror film, a student at SMU in Texas was filmed dancing around in her underwear before being kicked out of her sorority. The anonymous student sued the sorority for illegally filming her. 
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    Delta Zeta Discriminates Against Entire Chapter

    If you're wondering why sororities get such a bad rap, it's because of stories like this. A student at the University of Indiana decided to quit the Delta Zeta sorority after DZ leaders pronounced that the girls in that specific chapter didn't have the right look, and tried to make them get makeovers in order to improve their standing on campus. DePauw University ended up kicking everyone out of the sorority and closing the Delta Zeta chapter for their discriminatory practices, and in turn Delta Zeta filed a lawsuit against DePauw.