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Humor Struggles of Being a Girl With Sensitive Skin  

Candice Darden
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When it comes to being a girl with sensitive skin, you're forced to ride the struggle bus in more ways than one. From the soap and makeup you use to clothes you wear, you have to closely monitor your environment to ensure that you don't accidentally induce a rash, hives, or a breakout. Anything can set your skin off -- from getting too much sun at a pool party to forgetting to take your makeup off before bed, you never know exactly how your skin is going to deal -- but it likely won't be forgiving.

Want to try a new skincare product your grandma got you for Christmas? May the odds be ever in your favor. You likely research any products you use to make sure there are no irritants, but even then you're taking a gamble when trying something new.  At this point, you've pretty much given up on finding a sunscreen that doesn't burn and you've kissed your Lush bath bomb dreams goodbye.

You can't hide being buzzed or drunk - your face won't let you

Not only is your skin sensitive to products being applied, but also the things you consume. Should you have a drink at a club to loosen up, yet risk looking like you've just done a PX90 workout? Nothing says "flirty" like a face that looks like you might be in medical distress.

Your face is STILL red & splotchy hours after you've had your eyebrows waxed

When you were young and didn't yet know how much your skin would end up betraying you, you got your eyebrows waxed before a big dance. You learned the hard way when all your pictures came pack and it looked like someone had slapped you multiple times around your eyes.

You have to wash your clothes in hypoallergenic detergent OR ELSE

You found this out either through trial and error, a dermatologist telling you, or an online message board.

It looks like you have a gnarly rash, when all you did was itch or rub your skin

You probably experience dermatographic hives on a regular basis, even if you've never heard of the term -- it's when your skin forms a rash or hives just from rubbing or itching it. You scratch an itch on your arm, and it looks like you're having an allergic reaction. You've had to dismiss concerned friends more than once with, "I'm fine, I promise - it looks much worse than it is!"