The Greatest Famous Works of Glass Art

List of famous Glass art from around the world, listed alphabetically. This popular Glass art list features pictures of each famous Glass piece when available, and includes names of the famous artists who created the artwork. Fans of historic Glass art can use this list to discover some beautiful Glass pieces that they've never seen before.

This list features Glass Painting in the Saint Patrick's Trian, Armagh, Goblet decorated with an allegorical procession and more.

This list answers the questions, "What is an example of Glass art?" and "Who are the most famous Glass artists?"

For some of these Glass pieces you can click on the title to find out more information about the art. If you're writing a paper on renowned Glass art, this list is a great jumping off point. {#nodes}

  • "America Windows" (1977) is a stained glass work created by Russian-born French artist Marc Chagall to commemorate the American Bicentennial.
    • Artist: Marc Chagall
    • Art Form: Glass
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    Goblet decorated with an allegorical procession

    Goblet decorated with an allegorical procession is a chalice created by Angelo Barovier between 1480 and 1500.
    • Artist: Angelo Barovier
    • Subject: Petrarch
    • Art Form: Glass
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    Stained Glass Window in Downpatrick Cathedral

    Stained Glass Window in Downpatrick Cathedral is a window depicting St. Patrick.
    • Subject: Saint Patrick
    • Art Form: Glass
  • Tet, Chain, and Lace
    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Fair use
    This scuplture is an example of Cameron Smith's Tet, Chain and Lace style. Green and Amethystglass were hand blown in one piece at the DO U GLASS Hot Shop in Murphyboro, IL. It is in the collection of glassblower John Bingham. This sculpture is one of a continuing series that Cameron creates. Commisions of this style are always welcomed by the artist.
    • Artist: Cameron J. Smith
    • Art Form: Glass
    • Artist: Dale Chihuly
    • Art Form: Sculpture, Glass
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    Photo: Metaweb (FB) / Public domain
    Sprint (1901-1902) is a stained glass window designed by John LaFarge, created by Thomas Wright, and painted by Juliette Hanson.
    • Artist: Juliette Hanson, John LaFarge, Thomas Wright
    • Art Form: Glass