Glass Lips Are The Newest Trend Blowing Up Instagram 

Jessica L. Yarbrough
Updated January 5, 2018 42.7k views 16 items

These days, there’s no shortage of lipstick trends to try, especially trends of the statement-making variety. Marble lips, metallic lips, and mermaid lips have dominated for the past year, but now there’s a new beauty craze in town: mirror lips.

You may not have seen this reflective lip art in real life. But if you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’re sure to stumble across more than a few versions of it. The style, also referred to as glass lips, seems to have been started by MUA Jazmina Daniel. She created her look with reflective paper and a pair of scissors. Soon after, glass lips took on a life of their own. Now they're made with beads, elaborate crystals, and even huge chunks of glitter.

Will you be trying out this wild trend anytime soon?

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