Glass Lips Are The Newest Trend Blowing Up Instagram

These days, there’s no shortage of lipstick trends to try, especially trends of the statement-making variety. Marble lips, metallic lips, and mermaid lips have dominated for the past year, but now there’s a new beauty craze in town: mirror lips.

You may not have seen this reflective lip art in real life. But if you scroll through your Instagram feed, you’re sure to stumble across more than a few versions of it. The style, also referred to as glass lips, seems to have been started by MUA Jazmina Daniel. She created her look with reflective paper and a pair of scissors. Soon after, glass lips took on a life of their own. Now they're made with beads, elaborate crystals, and even huge chunks of glitter.

Will you be trying out this wild trend anytime soon?

Photo: user uploaded image