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This "Glass Skin" Beauty Routine Will Give You The Best Skin You've Ever Had

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The latest beauty trend coming out of the Korean peninsula is all about the glass skin look, but what exactly does it mean to have glass skin? This intensive beauty regimen aims to give you perfectly poreless skin that shines like glass, but attaining this look is no easy task. Korean skin regimens are some of the best in the world and have only recently exploded in popularity overseas, so this is the first time many in the West have been aware of these elusive techniques.

Making your skin look like porcelain is a desired goal in many cultures. Reaching that goal will take patience, some unique Korean skin treatments, and a little shift in diet. If that sounds intimidating, don't worry. We have the scoop on some of the best ways to attain that glass skin look without traveling halfway around the world to do it. With some smart product selection and a lot of dedication, you too can have super soft skin that stays both hydrated and poreless.

  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize


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    It's impossible to get that perfect, glassy sheen with dry skin, so don't be afraid to use a little moisturizer after you apply your toner. Don't be shy; a decent helping of moisturizer can go a long way when it comes to glass skin. No two people are exactly alike, and that goes for skin as well. Some skin is naturally more dry, while some is more prone to oil buildup. Find a moisturizer that works for you and your skin type. Dry skin tends to be more fragile and does better with a creamy moisturizer, while people with more oily skin should be looking for lotions.

  • You Have To Exfoliate, But Not Every Day

    At this point, your skin is about as clean as it's ever going to get. Except it's not, because we haven't even talked about exfoliating yet. This step doesn't need to be a part of your daily regiment, but you should definitely exfoliate at least every other day if you want to achieve peak skin. Using an exfoliant with tiny abrasive particles, like salt, is a fantastic way to scrape off any dead skin cells that are too stubborn to leave on their own. Be careful, though. You should avoid exfoliants with plastic micro-beads at all costs. This isn't so much to protect your skin as it is to protect the environment, because plastic micro-beads are not biodegradable and can easily find themselves in the ocean. While you have to be dedicated if you want glass skin, that doesn't mean you have to hurt sea creatures in the process!

  • Now It's Time For A Sheet Mask

    This is also not an every day step, but one you should do about once or twice a week. There are plenty of different Korean brand sheet masks that will do the trick. Korean sheet masks are one of the most popular beauty exports from the country and have become a staple in beauty regiments all over the world. While they may make you look a little like a serial killer while you're wearing them, sheet masks are the closest thing to a miracle that your skin will ever experience. They work by keeping pressure on the skin while moisturizing, which helps the skin better retain the vital nutrients. Sheet masks are best used in conjunction with other products.

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  • This Final Step Has Nothing To Do With Beauty Products, But It Might Be The Most Important

    At this point you've wiped, cleansed, toned, moisturized, exfoliated, and applied a mask. Honestly, you deserve a medal for your efforts. If making your skin look like glass was easy, everybody and their mothers would be shining in the streets. But glass skin isn't just a goal, it's a lifestyle. You have to take care to regulate what goes in your body as well, not just what you put on your skin. Diet can absolutely effect skin quality, so you should avoid oily and fried foods while you're on your skin-cleansing journey. Fruits can help you stay hydrated, and you should be drinking your daily recommended amount of water if you hope to see the best results.