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A Terrifying Glass Bridge Leaves Tourists In China Fearing For Their Lives

Updated April 14, 2021 44.3k views10 items

What would you do if you were on a glass bridge, hundreds or even thousands of feet above the ground, and heard the glass start to break? For some people, this is no longer a hypothetical question. A viral video showcases what happens when a glass walkway in China cracks beneath tourists' feet.

Many head to China for must-see tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. It's a virtual certainty that the majority of these visitors don't want to find themselves clinging for dear life on the side of a glass bridge. Despite this, China continues to unveil these terrifying tourist attractions to the public, even though there was another potentially deadly incident in 2015.

Keep reading to get a closer look at the recent real-life scene of horror. Because glass bridges continue to pop-up throughout China, there may soon be many more videos where terrified tourists watch as a glass walkway breaks. You know, just in case you needed one more reason to stay away from glass bridges.

  • A Group Was Terrified When They Heard Shattering Glass

    China's glass bridges have become a tourist attraction, but they also excel at terrifying people. For example, a glass bridge in the Wanshan National Park is infamous for causing people to cross it on their hands and knees. Therefore, it's not surprising that the sound of glass cracking led many to grab onto the East Taihang Mountains Scenic Area bridge's side rail as depicted in the viral video. This instinctual action is well-documented, but it may not actually make any sense. After all, if the glass beneath your feet shatters that high up, you'd be hard-pressed to keep holding on to the bars until help arrived.

  • It Happened Again With A Tour Guide, And The Video Went Viral

    A tour guide's reaction to breaking glass on the East Taihang Mountains Scenic Area bridge is what captivated the Internet. The man reached for the side rail before falling to his hands and knees in terror. It took a few seconds for the rational part of the tour guide's brain to propel him away from the cracking the glass. As if the experience wasn't awful enough, more than 18 million people have viewed the viral video.

  • With Nowhere To Go, Many Crawled Or Were Pulled Across The Splintered Glass

    Video: YouTube

    When you're high above the ground on a glass bridge, an unknown fear of heights could kick in at any moment. Most of us don't spend time that far above the ground, which makes the entire thing dizzying and, for some, exhilarating. As the glass began to break, people exhibited a wide range of reactions. Some fell to the ground, others began crawling, and a few made it the other side via someone dragging them. Believe it or not, a handful of tourists simply kept walking as if nothing was happening.

  • Yuntaishan's Glass Walkway Also Shattered

    In 2015, a glass walkway in Yuntaishan began shattering a mere two weeks after its opening day. Management later claimed that the interior shattering of a glass pane didn't present a risk to the public. However, the bridge was still closed for repairs. As the cracking became apparent, visitors began running and screaming in terror. That's probably more than enough to get many of them to swear off glass bridges for life, especially after this latest incident.