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15 People Share Their Most Unsettling Glitch In The Matrix Stories

The idea that we are all living in a Matrix has permeated the public conscious since Keanu Reeves's Neo broke through the veil of reality. These Redditors, however, shared their experiences with real life Matrix glitches that make us question whether Neo was onto something.

From unexplained coincidences, personal "Mandela Effect" experiences, and prophetic dreams, these glitch in the Matrix stories are just real enough to make use wonder whether what we perceive is actually real at all. 

  • They Remembered Their Uncle's Passing

    From a former Redditor:

    I knew my uncle had died. My mom had called me and told me the news. It was very sad. She told me in the middle of work and I told one of my coworkers. He expressed his condolences on my loss.

    A couple weeks later, my sister mentioned my aunt and uncle doing something. I said "but... he's [gone]." And my sister said no, he wasn't. I called my mom. [He was alive]. 

    To this day I'm still not sure how much of it my brain imagined and how much was real. Did I really talk to my coworker? Was I even on the phone with my mom at all that day? It still freaks me out knowing that my mind could fabricate so complete and real a memory like that.

  • They Got A Check For The Exact Amount They Owed

    From Redditor /u/BrAnders0n:

    I got a call from a police officer telling me if I didn't pay some old fines within a week he would come arrest me. The total was $267.63. It was about two weeks before Christmas, so I was really sweating it. The very next day I got a check in the mail for $267.63 for overpaid child support throughout the year. Craziest, most unexplainable thing I've ever had happen to me.

  • They Saw The Same Woman In Different Places Minutes A Part

    From Redditor /u/your_a_moron:

    I was catching a skytrain in one particular city about 15 minutes from where I get off. While I wait there is a woman with glazed eyes asking people for money. She came up to me, stopped briefly, and asked, "Excuse me, could you spare some money? My brother is in the hospital and I'd like some money to buy him some flowers."

    "That's rich," I thought. "[People] are getting more and more obvious with their lines." Gave [her $5] without even looking her in the face, convinced of her intentions. My train pulls up and I get on. I look through the glass at her walking around asking others for money as the train pulls away.

    The train arrives at the station 15 minutes later, and I walk down and out to the bus stop. There is only one bus in the direction I'm going, and just my luck! It is there waiting when I get off the train. So on the bus I hop and wait for the bus driver to finish reading his paper before the doors close and we embark down the highway.

    [After] about 5-10 minutes [of] traveling, the driver pulls over for a routine stop. The doors open, and to my complete astonishment the woman from the skytrain walks into the bus. A dozen roses in hand. She looks me right in the eyes as she walks past to take her seat.

    How in the blue hell did she get there? I took the train before her. I watched her at the train stop from inside as we pulled away. I went over a river. I caught the first and only bus going this particular direction. And not only did she beat me there, she had time to go to a store and buy a dozen roses.

  • They Miraculously Survived A Motorcycle Incident

    From Redditor /u/ShepherdOfHermas:

    I got in a motorcycle accident about six years ago. I'm going 45 [mph] through town and a woman, who didn't see me, turns left in front me. It could only have been a millisecond but I remember weighing my options and thinking if I should try and go over the car or under it by laying the bike down. I put the bike down. It went straight under her car, [and] I went diagonally.

    I slid across the pavement wearing no helmet, no jacket - just jeans and a cheap zip up hoodie from Walmart. So I slide for 80 feet or so (not sure on the exact measurement but it was a long way) on the pavement and when I stop I just stand up and the only thing wrong is that there is a hole in my hoodie cuff about the size of a dime. Not a scratch anywhere on me.

    I remember looking at it, then at my mangled bike, and just screaming in my head, "PHYSICS DON'T WORK THIS WAY."