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Beauty Gurus Are Risking Their Health By Dipping Their Tongues Into Glitter

Updated February 12, 2018 5.1k views8 items

The Internet has gifted the world with some pretty outlandish glitter trends in recent years. First there were glitter hair parts. Then there were glitter beards, glitter butts, and even glitter lady bits. The glitzy trend of the moment, though, is glitter tongues. Instagram has exploded with glitter tongue pictures, from men painting their tongues an ultra-luxe gold to women trying hard not to swallow giant, reflective flakes.

The glitter tongue trend isn't easy to pull off, but if you want a photo with massive sparkly impact, it might be right up your alley. Sure, glitter tongues are pretty (and pretty impractical), but is a glitter tongue safe? Fortunately, glitter tongue side effects are pretty minimal unless you're ingesting mass amounts of toxic flakes (step away from craft glitter right now). This look can be harmless if you use the right materials.

It's not surprising that this new trend emerged. What Instagram user doesn't want to be a magical mermaid unicorn? But be warned: if you try this look, you'll definitely be scraping glitter off your face for the rest of your life.

  • The Trend Originated On Instagram

    According to PopSugar, makeup artist Jacinta Vukovic invented this innovative glittery look by accident. She was trying to create a metallic lip, and accidentally got glitter on her tongue. The rest is social media history:

    "I got glitter on my tongue. So, I thought I would embrace it and make it the main focus!!"

  • Glitter Tongue Is Hard To Achieve Because You Can't Swallow

    Not swallowing for an extended period of time is harder than it sounds. It's not like you can stop yourself from salivating. This was one of the major issues Jacinta Vukovic ran into when she created the glitter tongue look: ""I couldn't swallow the whole time I was trying to get a good picture."

  • A Little Glitter Tongue Can Give You A Big Stomach Ache


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    Putting glitter on your tongue may not be the most dangerous thing you can do to yourself, but it's certainly not the greatest. It's not fatal to consume non-toxic glitter every once in a while, but it can make you feel sick.

    According to makeup artist Andrea Whittle, glitter tongues just aren't the best idea:

    "Eating small amounts of glitter, which are made of tiny plastic pieces, every once in a while isn't harmful, but there's always risks with anything. In this case, a stomachache."

  • Ingested Craft Glitter Can Cut Up Your Insides


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    It should be pretty obvious, but attempting a glitter tongue with craft store glitter is a really, really bad idea. There are countless horror stories of people using craft glitter around their eyes and getting tiny lacerations on their cornea. In some cases, people needed to have their entire eye removed. Just imagine what those sharp little pieces of plastic could do to your gut.

    Craft glitter is chunkier than FDA-approved, cosmetic-grade glitter. It's made of sharper, more dangerous pieces that have no place on your face and definitely no place in your mouth or stomach.