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Gloria Allred Client List: Famous Gloria Allred Clients

Updated June 14, 2019 19.6k views18 items
Gloria Allred’s clients tend to be high-profile - or if they aren’t when she takes them on, she definitely makes them so. Gloria Allred’s cases tend to be females who have been allegedly wrong in some manner, though she has had high-profile clients who are males at times as well. Allred’s women cases often involve sex on some level – ranging from representing two of Tiger Woods’ mistresses to Mandy Hamlin’s complaint against the TSA for making her remove her nipple piercings while going through airport security. Allred is a publicity hound and media manipulator par excellance, probably the preeminent lawyer in the country in this regard. Allred’s highest-profile case was representing the family of Nicole Brown Simpson against O.J. Simpson. This list is ranked with Allred’s most recent famous clients on top.