Here's Why Glossier Is The Brand Your Coolest Instagram Friend Is Obsessed With

Glossier is every beauty-loving Instagrammer's favorite brand. 

Founded by Emily Weiss, hot new makeup brand Glossier (pronounced gloss-ee-ay) launched in 2014 as a minimalist skincare company. It has since grown into a certified beauty empire, selling makeup products, shower must-haves, and even a fragrance. And with 946K followers on Instagram, Glossier shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. 

Want to know how Glossier became so popular? You'll be shocked to learn about every strategic move and lucky break that led the company to skincare super-stardom.

  • Glossier Started As A Popular Beauty Blog


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    If you're at all into beauty, then chances are you're familiar with beauty blog Into the GlossIf you're not, get on it! The site was founded in 2010, detailing the beauty routines of well-known women. The site's #TopShelfie features - which showcased bathroom cabinets of the rich and famous - went viral. And then Into the Gloss became a go-to online destination for all things beauty. The blog eventually became the perfect launching pad for an in-house beauty brand. Thus, Glossier was born.

  • The Company Prioritized Skincare First And Makeup Second



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    When Glossier launched in 2014, the world was just starting to come down from the Kardashian-inspired, caked-on-makeup craze. The company introduced its first four products - Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dot Com, and Soothing Face Mist. The company motto, "Skincare first, makeup second" definitely resonated with millennials. They were dying to give their skin a break from thick foundations and concealers.

    With the success of these early products, Glossier saw opportunity to expand the product line into makeup, body, and fragrance.

  • The Glossier Founder Used To Be On 'The Hills'


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    Emily Weiss, the founder of both Into the Gloss and Glossier, got her start on The Hills - yes, the MTV show starring Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port. Weiss appears in three episodes from 2007 as the "super intern" at Teen Vogue. Fans of the show will remember her as a young, ambitious overachiever who kind of made Conrad and Port look bad.

    Obviously, the show didn't portray the super worker unfairly, though. Weiss went on to found two major beauty companies in the span of seven years! She's a total overachiever.

  • Glossier's Packaging Was Designed To Go Viral


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    The minds behind Glossier strategically plan every single thing about the products - down to the cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Every Glossier order is shipped in a package worthy of an unboxing video. It opens to reveal the phrase, "You look good" printed on the inside. From there, customers pull out a pink bubble wrap pouch (which is reusable, of course) that's almost as adorable as the actual product. Finally, each shipment comes with super cute Glossier stickers. Fans can further promote the brand on mirrors, phone cases, and more. 

  • The Products Are Fairly-Priced


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    Glossier isn't going after an older demographic. The brand is 100% aimed at millennials, and it is priced accordingly. A Balm Dot Com lip balm will run you $12, and the most expensive product, a 50 ml fragrance called Glossier You, tops off at $60. Glossier knows the importance of accessibility, making sure even young customers can own a piece of the brand.

  • The Vibe Appealed Directly To Millennials


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    Everything about Glossier is created to connect with millennials, from the brand's signature millennial pink color, to the graffiti-style stickers in every order, to the heavy use of emojis. But the two biggest millennial-drivers are brand voice and digital presence.

    Unlike a lot of other beauty brands, Glossier doesn't try to sell extravagance. The brand reps speak to customers in a down-to-earth manner, and they aren't afraid to be playful with campaign slogans. For example, the cheeky sunscreen campaign urged customers to "Have Safe Sun." On top of that, Glossier is a digital-first company, mostly conducting business on Instagram. The brand doesn't even sell through third party sites.

    If customers want a piece of Glossier, they have to go through Glossier, which serves to reinforce the brand and create a sense of community.