The Gnarliest Steve-O Stunts From 'Jackass'

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All the members of the Jackass stunt crew have gotten into some wild antics, but the craziest stunts from Steve-O (formerly known as Stephen Gilchrist Glover) take the cake. His stunts tend to have two speeds: absolutely disgusting (like Steve-O's poo cocktail) and incredibly painful (like when he made himself literal shark bait).

Showcasing his new comedy special titled GnarlyVanity Fair reported, "This kind of thing is par for the course for Steve-O, a stunt performer and daredevil centerpiece of the Jackass cinematic universe, in which he’s done everything from snort wasabi to strap himself in a filthy porta-potty that gets launched into the air on a bungee cord."

Some of the members of Jackass have even looked back at some of Steve-O's most intense and gross stunts and questioned if they crossed a line.