The Gnarliest Steve-O Stunts From 'Jackass'

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All the members of the Jackass stunt crew have gotten into some wild antics, but the craziest stunts from Steve-O (formerly known as Stephen Gilchrist Glover) take the cake. His stunts tend to have two speeds: absolutely disgusting (like Steve-O's poo cocktail) and incredibly painful (like when he made himself literal shark bait).

Showcasing his new comedy special titled GnarlyVanity Fair reported, "This kind of thing is par for the course for Steve-O, a stunt performer and daredevil centerpiece of the Jackass cinematic universe, in which he’s done everything from snort wasabi to strap himself in a filthy porta-potty that gets launched into the air on a bungee cord."

Some of the members of Jackass have even looked back at some of Steve-O's most intense and gross stunts and questioned if they crossed a line.

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    Human Shark Bait

    In Season 2, Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O went trawling for sharks with Steve-O as the bait. He pierced his cheek with the hook and was then dragged through the Gulf of Mexico as Knoxville steered. A shark almost snapped at Steve-O, but the stuntman bopped the shark in the head with his foot.

    Knoxville spoke to Vulture about the stunt, saying, "I didn’t think it was funny. I don’t want him missing a leg. But we still shot it and Steve-O kicked the shark in the nose before it bit him. Now that’s funny. Look, we didn’t know where the line was. It was constantly getting redrawn."

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    Jellyfish Sombrero

    When Peruvian jellyfish are stressed or threatened, they secrete toxic mucus. Naturally, this meant Steve-O had to try to wear one as a hat in Season 2 of Jackass. 

    Steve-O flipped into a washed-up jellyfish on the shore, and Johnny Knoxville whipped jellyfish tentacles at him. Fortunately for Steve-O, the jellyfish's toxins normally only cause skin and eye irritation. Reflecting on the stunts he performed, the reality star said, “Not a day goes by where I'm not astounded by A, the fact that I'm alive - and B, the fact that I'm thriving.” 

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    Backdoor Fireworks

    Steve-O doesn't regret this stunt, despite the burns inflicted by it. "If you asked me if I'm proud of myself for sticking fireworks in my butt, the answer is YES!" Steve-O tweeted four years after Jackass: The Movie's release. It seems that other folks have decided to ignore the movie's disclaimer (along with the painful cries of Steve-O) and try it out themselves. Traditionally, it hasn't ended well.

    This stunt from the first installment of the Jackass films became one of many of Steve-O's trademarks. Steve-O even sells a line of merchandise featuring a grinning caricature of himself, complete with a lit firework in the bum. “I suppose that from the very beginning of my career, I've been in the business of 'short-attention-span theater' and that's kind of how the media has played out is that people's bandwidth for paying attention has gotten a lot smaller,” Steve-O said to Fox News in 2020. “It's either they've got like a 10-second attention span or almost an endless one, you know?”

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    Before performing this stunt, Steve-O laughed and asked, "Why do I have to be Steve-O?" He was understandably nervous for the stunt, even though it would be quick. Without any type of protection, Steve-O was preparing to take a powerful hit to the crotch.

    Ryan Dunn smacked a T-ball full force into his friend's nether regions, and Steve-O immediately crumpled to the ground. The crew played the stunt in slow motion afterward, and you can see just how hard he was hit - and the immediate pain it incurred. 

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    Alligator Tightrope

    Walking on a tightrope is already stressful in itself. Steve-O upped the ante when he performed the "Alligator Tightrope" in Jackass: The Movie

    Wearing only a helmet and a jockstrap, Steve-O tried to make his way across a tightrope over an alligator habitat. Fellow stuntman Chris Pontius then stuffed a chicken in Steve-O's jockstrap, which only enticed the alligator more. The gator snatched the chicken from Steve-O's strap, and the stunt performer escaped unscathed. 

    When asked if he has rewatched his performances, Steve-O replied in 2016 to GQ, "I don’t, like, watch it recreationally, but if I come across it, sure, I get pretty nostalgic about it. I look at it all, like the whole Jackass phenomenon, the whole history of my career, as lightning in a bottle. Nothing like that had ever happened before, and I don’t think anything like that could ever happen again."

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    Sweatsuit Cocktail

    Steve-O takes on a lot of the stomach-churning stunts, like the "Sweatsuit Cocktail" from Jackass 3D. The Jackass crew wrapped Preston Lacy in plastic wrap and funneled his sweat into a cup.

    After a good amount of time on the elliptical, Lacy stopped, and Steve-O drank Lacy's sweat. The Jackass guys, along with BMX star Mat Hoffman, tried to hold back their own gags. 

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