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17 Gnarly Injuries You Should Never, EVER Google Image Search

Updated September 23, 2021 313.9k views17 items

It takes a certain kind of morbid fascination, or even masochism, to look up pictures of gross injuries on the Internet. Whether they're gory or just weird, pictures of people getting hurt tend to make viewers squirm. But are there any specifics you shouldn't image search, no matter what? Look through this list, and you'll likely be inclined to say yes.

If you can look at blood and guts without flinching, then you probably have nerves of steel, you work in the medical profession, or are a professional athlete. But for the average person, seeing someone else physically suffer tends to make them feel sick or uneasy at the very least. So be prepared. Remember, you shouldn't look up the following Google images (unless you're really brave), so this list doesn't show the gory details. Still, the concepts and medical drawings that follow may be enough to make you gag.

  • Corneal Laceration

    If you know what your cornea is and you know what a laceration is, then you know where this is going. A corneal laceration happens when you get a cut on your cornea, the clear front area of the eye you see through. It's much deeper than a scratch; part of your eye actually splits open. 

    This can be further complicated with an iris prolapse. This is where a little bit of your iris protrudes through the hole in your eye, appearing to drip out like water.

  • Denailing

    More commonly known as a pulled nail, denailing is what happens when your nail is pulled out by the root. It basically leaves your finger or toe looking like a bloody stump. It's a classic method of systematic harm because it's excruciatingly painful and was intentionally caused one of several ways.

    Sometimes the nail was gripped by pliers or another tool and drawn straight out in one harsh movement. In Spain, they would drive a wedge made of wood or metal between the nail and the skin, and then hammer it in there until the nail was torn free. Other methods involved heated metal and more, none of it pretty.

    Accidental denailing can also happen, though it's very rare. If you keep your nails short and well maintained, it's less likely to happen to you.

  • Testicular Degloving

    Whether or not you have testicles, seeing them graphically damaged tends to be a cringe-worthy event. Degloving is a type of avulsion injury, but in this case, it happens to the testes and parts of the penis. To be more specific, degloving occurs when there's extreme harm to the testicles that causes the skin to be pulled back or pulled off, exposing the flesh and testicles underneath.

    This can also result in damage to the testicles and penis itself, and it can cause the scrotal contents to get infected due to exposure to the open air and contaminants.

    This disfigurement has to be treated immediately, or it could lead to serious health problems and even, rarely, loss of life. Because it requires surgery to repair, most testicular degloving photos are snapped while the unfortunate person is on the operating table. 

  • Achilles Tendon Rupture

    While a rupture of an Achilles tendon can happen over time as the tendon grows weak, the really horrifying version of this is when it is traumatically severed. There may be an audible pop or snap as the tendon breaks, and there will be a sudden, excruciating pain in the back of the leg and ankle. Then, you will find that you can't point your toe, flex your foot, or stand on tiptoe.

    The tendon can be surgically repaired, but recovery is a slow, painful process.