17 Gnarly Injuries You Should Never, EVER Google Image Search

It takes a certain kind of morbid fascination, or even masochism, to look up pictures of gross injuries on the Internet. Whether they're gory or just weird, pictures of people getting hurt tend to make viewers squirm. But are there any specifics you shouldn't image search, no matter what? Look through this list, and you'll likely be inclined to say yes.

If you can look at blood and guts without flinching, then you probably have nerves of steel, you work in the medical profession, or are a professional athlete. But for the average person, seeing someone else physically suffer tends to make them feel sick or uneasy at the very least. So be prepared. Remember, you shouldn't look up the following Google images (unless you're really brave), so this list doesn't show the gory details. Still, the concepts and medical drawings that follow may be enough to make you gag.

Photo: Alex McGibbon / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • Ring Avulsion

    Many people never take their wedding ring off once they're married. While this is a sweet gesture, it can lead to some truly horrifying incidences, like ring avulsion. This happens when someone's ring gets caught on an object, and either the ring or their body is pulled sharply in the opposite direction.

    The harsh tug causes the ring to literally rip the skin and flesh off the finger, from the base all the way to the tip. This leaves the bones and flesh exposed, and can sometimes strip away nerves and tendons as well. When it's really bad, it can even remove the finger entirely.

    Luckily, doctors can often repair a hand or finger after this type of gash - assuming you get to the hospital quickly and take any removed flesh or finger bits with you. Ring avulsion is very rare, but it does happen - just ask Jimmy Fallon.

  • Compound Fracture

    When you think of gruesome physical afflictions, a compound fracture is likely one of the first things that springs to mind. Also known as an open fracture, a compound fracture occurs when a bone gets broken so badly that part of it punctures through the skin.

    These types of breaks require a huge amount of force, which means there may be an audible snap, there will be blood, and the limb may torque sideways at unnatural-seeming angles. In other words, it's the stuff of nightmares.

    A person can risk loss of life if this kind of break isn't treated quickly, and it will generally require surgery to correct, as well as a long period of rehab. 

  • Hyphema

    When people talk about seeing red, they probably aren't talking about a hyphema, but that's a pretty good description anyway. This condition happens when blood collects and pools inside the anterior chamber of your eye, in the space between your cornea and your iris. Basically, it partially or completely fills up the colored part of your eye, so a little ocean of blood just sloshes around in there. 

    This painful condition can permanently harm your eye if it is left untreated. Luckily, this only happens when there's severe damage to the eye, or if you have a pre-existing blood condition like sickle cell anemia or hemophilia. No matter the reason, it will need to be drained, and you'll be seeing the blood until that happens.

    Hypopyon is another similar, and equally awful, condition. It involves the anterior chamber of eye welling up with pus. However, pictures of that are arguably even worse.

  • Partial Amputation

    Unlike with a full amputation, a partial amputation happens when a limb is nearly severed - but soft tissue still remains, barely connecting the limb to the body. Some bone and ligaments may also be present.

    The most traumatic type is a partial hand amputation; they make up about 10 percent of partial amputations. This kind of damage is dire if left untreated.

  • Corneal Laceration

    If you know what your cornea is and you know what a laceration is, then you know where this is going. A corneal laceration happens when you get a cut on your cornea, the clear front area of the eye you see through. It's much deeper than a scratch; part of your eye actually splits open. 

    This can be further complicated with an iris prolapse. This is where a little bit of your iris protrudes through the hole in your eye, appearing to drip out like water.

  • Denailing

    More commonly known as a pulled nail, denailing is what happens when your nail is pulled out by the root. It basically leaves your finger or toe looking like a bloody stump. It's a classic method of systematic harm because it's excruciatingly painful and was intentionally caused one of several ways.

    Sometimes the nail was gripped by pliers or another tool and drawn straight out in one harsh movement. In Spain, they would drive a wedge made of wood or metal between the nail and the skin, and then hammer it in there until the nail was torn free. Other methods involved heated metal and more, none of it pretty.

    Accidental denailing can also happen, though it's very rare. If you keep your nails short and well maintained, it's less likely to happen to you.