The 15 Gnarliest Injuries That Have Ever Happened in Sports

WARNING: There are some seriously graphic injuries ahead. Like, seriously graphic.

Getting injured is part of the game. Almost any athlete will tell you that. If you play any sport long enough, something will happen to you, but what happened to these athletes, who incurred the most brutal sports injuries ever, is far more horrifying than a common ankle sprain. What you'll find here are some of the most gruesome sports injuries of all time, which run the gamut from broken bones to slit throats (seriously). 

Some sports are more violent than others, but even the seemingly most benign, like baseball and basketball, have seen their share of awful sports injuries. Obviously, you're more likely to get your limbs snapped in half in MMA than you are playing hoops, but, as the worst things that have happened in sports show, these nasty injuries can happen any time, anywhere.