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The 15 Gnarliest Injuries That Have Ever Happened in Sports

WARNING: There are some seriously graphic injuries ahead. Like, seriously graphic.

Getting injured is part of the game. Almost any athlete will tell you that. If you play any sport long enough, something will happen to you, but what happened to these athletes, who incurred the most brutal sports injuries ever, is far more horrifying than a common ankle sprain. What you'll find here are some of the most gruesome sports injuries of all time, which run the gamut from broken bones to slit throats (seriously). 

Some sports are more violent than others, but even the seemingly most benign, like baseball and basketball, have seen their share of awful sports injuries. Obviously, you're more likely to get your limbs snapped in half in MMA than you are playing hoops, but, as the worst things that have happened in sports show, these nasty injuries can happen any time, anywhere. 

  • Clint Malarchuk Almost Bled to Death When His Throat Was Cut on the Ice

    Video: YouTube

    On March 22, 1989, one of the most gruesome sports injuries of all time occurred. Clint Malarchuk was playing goal for the Buffalo Sabres when two players collided with him in front of the net. One player's skates caught Malarchuk right on the neck. The hockey star lost three pints of blood on the ice and required 300 stitches. Malarchuk later said he felt as though he might die on the ice.

  • Rugby Player Wayne Shelford's Scrotum Tore Open

    Photo: geoftheref / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Anybody even faintly aware of rugby knows the sport can get violent. Nothing will surpass what happened to Wayne Buck Shelford during 1986's "The Battle fo Nantes," one of the most gruesome rugby matches of all time. Shelford and his New Zealand team faced off against a French squad allegedly fueled by massive pre-game amphetamine use.

    About 20 minutes into the match, Shelford found himself at the bottom of a human pile-up, where a cleat ripped open his scrotum. Shelford, who also lost several teeth, jogged off the field with a testicle literally hanging out of him, only to have himself stitched up and return to play minutes later.

  • Soccer Player Paulo Diogo Lost His Finger While Celebrating

    Video: YouTube

    In December of 2004, Servette midfielder Paulo Diogo jumped on a fence to celebrate a goal he set up with a well-executed pass. He failed to notice, however, that his wedding ring was caught on the fence. When he jumped down, the ring - and the majority of his finger - did not make the trip with him.

    To make matters worse, the game was delayed to look for the missing finger. When it was finally retrieved, the doctor told Diogo that there was no way to sew it back on and they had to amputate the remaining part of the finger. On top of that, the referee yellow carded Diogo for his celebration and subsequent delays.

  • Kevin Ware's Bone Popped out of His Skin

    Video: YouTube

    In March of 2013, during the NCAA Tournament, Kevin Ware of Louisville went up to contest a shot. When he landed, he broke his tibia so violently the bone came out through his skin. The initial shock of seeing a bone poking through skin had players running the other way, praying, and looking like they were gonna throw up. If you are at all queasy, do not watch the video above.