The Time GnR And Metallica Joined Forces To Put On One Of The Worst Concerts In Music History

Among the historically-minded rock fanatics of the world, few team-ups are more legendary than the 1992 Guns n' Roses and Metallica tour. Both bands were at their peak of fame and glory. GnR's latest double album, Use Your Illusion, sold more than 500,000 copies in just the first two hours of sales, while Metallica's famous 1991 "Black Album" was the #1 seller on the Billboard charts for four weeks running. Even the critics were fans, with Use Your Illusion getting a 4-star review from Rolling Stone and Metallica winning the Grammy for Best Metal Performance

It almost makes you wonder how two such beloved acts could create something so infamously devastating as the 1992 Montreal riot. That question gets easier to answer when you know read about the wild GnR stories that outline their outrageous behavior both on- and offstage in their early days. Metallica was no stranger to intense antics, either, evidenced by their multiple rehab stints.

On that fateful day of August 8, 1992, fans packed the Olympic Stadium (sometimes known as The Big O by natives), completely unaware of the wild night ahead. Dangerous stage accidents, angry crowds, and diva performers came together in a perfect storm to wreck the venue and send multiple people to the hospital. This is the bizarre and undeniably metal story of the Guns n' Roses Montreal 1992 riot.