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Although not as well-known as something like Bigfoot, the Goatman urban legend is still one of America's most talked-about myths. But what is Goatman exactly? Where does it come from? For years, there have been reports of Goatman in Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California, and other states, but there's not one defining answer to where exactly the legend originated.

Is it a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong? Is it a demon summoned by an individual craving ultimate power? Or is it Lucifer himself, wandering around backwoods areas looking for his next unfortunate victim? Wherever Goatman comes from, it's generally a good idea to stay as far away as possible. You probably don't want to be ripped apart by a half-human, half-goat monstrosity.

To learn about possible origins for the fabled beast, check out the list below and vote up the scariest Goatman backstory. 

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Descendants of Greek Satyrs

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It's amazing how a lot of our urban legends are rooted in some type of ancient mythology. In regards to Goatman, his origins are undeniably Greek, as it mostly resembles a satyr. In Greek mythology, satyrs were goat-like woodland creatures who roamed the forests and mountains with their pals Pan and Dionysus. Overall, these creatures were known for their sex drive, and were often portrayed with "large strong throbbing erections." It's not a coincidence that the Goatman stories of today usually involve rape or sexual assault of some kind. 
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The Guardian of Ancient Burial Grounds

Proctor Valley, which is a region in California near San Diego, also has their own version of Goatman. They call it the Proctor Valley Monster and its half-humanoid, half-beast appearance keeps the whole county on its toes. Much of the stories are the same as everywhere else, with the creature taking a specific liking to young couples, but one man's research took it a bit further. The man discovered that a nearby tribe of Native Americans had a very similar creature in its mythology, stating that the monster guards their burial grounds. It's fascinating to see how much ancient culture bled into ours and how we adapted things like the Proctor Valley Goatman. 
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A Native American Skin-Walker

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One backstory for this horrifying creature ties it together with the Native American legend regarding skin-walkers. To some Native American cultures, a skin-walker was the most heinous of individuals. They were witches who usually would kill a member of their own family in order to become a skin-walker. These creatures could transform themselves into animals, as well as cause general destruction wherever they went. With its frightening half-man, half-goat features, it's been suggested that Goatman and the skin-walkers are one in the same. 

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Summoned by Aleistar Crowley

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Some origin stories have the Goatman come from more mystical places. Back in the early twentieth century, a new cosmology was established by Aleister Crowley called Thelema. In his central piece of literature, Magick, he claims that the goatlike creature Baphomet was "the hieroglyph of arcane perfection" and some reports say the Goatman is a result of Crowley's successful summoning of the creature into our plane of existence.