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Most Unique Backstories Fueling the Goatman Urban Legend  

Jacoby Bancroft
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Although not as well-known as something like Bigfoot, the Goatman urban legend is still one of America's most talked-about myths. But what is Goatman exactly? Where does it come from? For years, there have been reports of Goatman in Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California, and other states, but there's not one defining answer to where exactly the legend originated.

Is it a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong? Is it a demon summoned by an individual craving ultimate power? Or is it Lucifer himself, wandering around backwoods areas looking for his next unfortunate victim? Wherever Goatman comes from, it's generally a good idea to stay as far away as possible. You probably don't want to be ripped apart by a half-human, half-goat monstrosity.

To learn about possible origins for the fabled beast, check out the list below and vote up the scariest Goatman backstory. 

Descendants of Greek Satyrs
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It's amazing how a lot of our urban legends are rooted in some type of ancient mythology. In regards to Goatman, his origins are undeniably Greek, as it mostly resembles a satyr. In Greek mythology, satyrs were goat-like woodland creatures who roamed the forests and mountains with their pals Pan and Dionysus. Overall, these creatures were known for their sex drive, and were often portrayed with "large strong throbbing erections." It's not a coincidence that the Goatman stories of today usually involve rape or sexual assault of some kind. 
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A Native American Skin-Walker
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One backstory for this horrifying creature ties it together with the Native American legend regarding skin-walkers. To some Native American cultures, a skin-walker was the most heinous of individuals. They were witches who usually would kill a member of their own family in order to become a skin-walker. These creatures could transform themselves into animals, as well as cause general destruction wherever they went. With its frightening half-man, half-goat features, it's been suggested that Goatman and the skin-walkers are one in the same. 

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A Foreboding Omen
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Maybe Goatman doesn't want to hack us up with an ax or rip us into tiny pieces--maybe Goatman wants to help us. That's at least the theory that this person stands by. In the story, the individual explains that she dreams of Goatman whenever something bad is happening. In the dream, Goatman appears and swallows her whole. One time she got the dream, only to wake up to find there was a stabbing outside her house that left a man dead. Another time, she had the dream in college and woke up to find someone in her dorm had killed themselves. 

The worst instance happened when she was babysitting her niece. She had given her niece a painkiller because of a massive headache and then went to sleep. She had the dream again, but this time, her niece was in the dream and she woke up before Goatman swallowed her whole. She immediately rushed to her niece's room to find that the little girl was having an allergic reaction to the painkiller and had to be taken to the hospital. She believes that Goatman is an omen, letting her know that bad things are happening. 
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Born of Unnatural Relations Between Man and Goat
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One of the more straightforward origin stories for the Goatman legend in Texas is actually one of the most disturbing. Back in the 1800s, there was a quiet village like any other--though there was one resident everyone stayed away from. His name was Jack "Goat Man" Kendall, and he owned and sold goats. He was reported to have a stench so strong that anyone who would approach him would immediately want to throw up. He only wore goatskins and spent all his time around his livestock. The truly shocking part is how it was believed that Kendall had sex with his goats and because of that, he created mutant half-human, half-goat hybrids that still roam the earth to this day. When the townsfolk found out about them, they murdered Jack. The offspring, angry about their father's murder, now kill humans that they come across. 
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